I have Visited my Holy Grail of Art Stores!!!!

Hello all you lovely Internet land peoples. 🙂

So this week I went on a Field Trip with a friend.
We were heading out to check on a store that was having a half off sale on Vintage Toys for our kiddos… who are collectors.

We had to drive about an hour away and it was a place that I had never been to before.
My friend who was driving, announced that we had arrived at our destination. We pulled into the mall that the store was located in and I looked casually to my left out the window of her car to see what else in the mall.

I Immediately started Freaking Out and Squealing like a Fangirl!! XD

My friend was Quite Certain that I had Completely Lost my Mind!  Which I had. Lols

She just looked over at me and asked, “Ummmm, what’s got you in a tizzy?”  I was sputtering like a lunatic and just pointing out the window.
One of my helpful Randomkids piped up from the backseat…
“I think she sees the Dickblick Art Store.”

At this point I finally found my voice and yelled, “Oh my Lord, I had No Clue there was an ACTUAL Store Anywhere near us!!”
..Commence Fangirl Squealing again…and yes, I was being ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it…it was a for Real and not on the interwebs Dickblick Store.

So, my friend says to me, “Well, would you like to go check it out?”
….Add more Spluttering and general Non-communicative sounds here…

My Randomkid translated for me and told her to please park the car so I could go check it out.  XD

We all went in and I Was Immediately transported to another world.
The sights and smells and general overall feeling was the same euphoria I experience when I enter a bookstore.

I’m quite certain I heard a chorus singing and birds chirping and a brilliant light shining down on me as I crossed the threshold into the art sanctum.

It was A-Maaaaz-Ing!!! There was an ENTIRE aisle Just for types of paintbrushes…On BOTH Sides of the aisle…an Entire Aisle. 😮
There were Aisles devoted solely to Paper, Paint, and Ink…. Copic Markers as Far as the Eye Could SEE!
There was even half an aisle just for Erasers and Pencil Sharpeners!! Whaaaaat?? 😮

I wasn’t exactly sure what Rabbit Hole I had Fallen into, but I knew that I certainly didn’t want to get out of it anytime soon!! 😮

My Randomkiddos were just as mesmerized as me.  The one spent the entire time in the Pencil, Inks, and Paper section and the other one spent the entire time in the diorama, cutting tools, and model section.

It was Soooo Awesome!
We Absolutely Will be going back there again!!

…..But wait, there’s More!!…..

On the way home, we passed by my Second Holy Grail of Art Stores that I had never visited before…A Hobby Lobby! 😮

We walked the entire length and width once first just to get the lay of the land.
After we had noted where each of us wanted to revisit we went back and to delve deeper into the different departments to Really investigate what they had. 😮

Again….It was Amaaaaazing! I walked out of there with 3 new art tablets full of paper textures and weights I’ve never used before.  I am sooo Excited to try them out, but haven’t had the time yet. :/

I will ABSOLUTELY be going back to visit Both of the Stores again!! This Time I will Bring More Money and some Art Friendees along. 😀

I hope you all have a lovely week and get to check out some Ridiculously Cool places as well! …Maybe even a Holy Grail or two. 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

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