Meet My New Deceased Pet…Kefir

Hello everyone out there in internet land. 😀 I hope this post finds you happy and very much alive....unlike my newest pet that I Accidentally Killed. It sadly had an Unfortunate Accident. A horrible and tragic accident. Sigh. I had gotten this new weird thing called Kefir from a friend. Apparently it's chock full of … Continue reading Meet My New Deceased Pet…Kefir

The Further Adventures of Verti-Girl….

Hello all you guys and gals out there in internet land!  It's been quite a while since I've been tip, tap, typin' away on the ole bloggo homestead. A Ton of stuff has been happenin' lately... I am Officially Retired, more on that later in the week. 😉 I am Finally starting my journey into … Continue reading The Further Adventures of Verti-Girl….