A Me Space…

I spent the last few weeks beautifying the outside of the house.  Specifically the deck.


I don’t really have a place that’s just for me.  So I decided to create a space for myself to chillax outside.


I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, cause we live literally right next to the turnpike.  It’s quite loud.


But, after hitting some nice garage sales, receiving some flowers from a friend, a quick visit to our local Dollar Tree, and a quick visit from my decorator/garden expert friend I turned my back deck into a tiny little paradise for myself.  I go out there in the mornings and hangout for as long as my schedule allows. Lols 😀


The hubby just found 2 cute tables for free and brought them home so actually I changed the layout on the deck again. Lol

I will get new pics up when I’m done moving everything around. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone out there in internet land have a special place just for you to hangout?  Leave a pic or 2 in the comment section below.

Happy You Space! 😀


What’s on Your Plate??

It’s time for another installment of….What’s — On — Your — Plate??
😉 Lol

Here’s what’s on mine…


I wanted something a bit diff, so I sauteed potatoes and onions in olive oil.  Sprinkled on some garlic powder,…forgot I had real garlic Lol…threw in a couple of eggs,shredded monterey jack and laid two pieces of oven roasted deli turkey over all and fried till yummy browned bits were throughout the entire mess.  Then I drizzled on some homemade honey mustard sauce and garnished with two slices of tomatoe and red pepper for color.

Yummo!!  This was sooo delish!  The olive oil made it Awesomely crispy. Mmmm…I’m droolin’ thinking about it again. Lols 😀

So, there ya have it…that was what was on My plate…So, What’s on Your Plate??


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  Got something good on your plate?  Please leave me a description in the box below or better yet leave me a link to a post about it…with pics if ya got em. 😀

Happy Foodie Fun!  🙂


Further Adventures in Grain Avoidance…

Yes, I have been going on a lot of Adventures lately. Lols  😉

Everything in my life is an Adventure… 😀

Adventures in Homeschooling, Adventures in Foodie Fun, Adventures in Illustrating, Adventures in Writing, Adventures in Artying, Adventures in Photography, Adventures in Exercise…..Wow!  I should film a Docu-Adventure of my life and put it on Youtube!!!   😮

I’d be a Sensation!  😮  😮   Lols 😉

Okay, So back to reality and my Adventures in Grain Avoidance.

Currently our family is going thru a time of Extremely Low Fundage…as in no dough, zilch mula, nada cash, nope on the monies.  🙂

It is that lovely time of the year known as tax season… we are Very behind…again.  Maybe someday we will be ahead and I will be pleasantly surprised when our accountant emails us with our tax information. 😀

Until then, I will just dream. 🙂

Anyhoo, we are on an Extremely tight budget….not a problem if I could just get cheapo crapola food for everyone at our local cheapo stores and Not Have to buy stinking organic and non-GMO Everything!….but that is not the case…Sigh.

So, this week and the last couple weeks, I’ve been stressing out about how I will cut the food budget.  Sigh…again.

The Randomkids and I started writing a weekly menu and that has helped some, but this week we are getting down to the gritty of the nitty gritty and we are coasting on fumes coinage wise for food for the fam. :/

So, I’m breakin out All the stops and actually Baking again. :O

I used to bake ALL of the time…Homemade granola, cookies, bread, tortillas, I even tried homemade noodles.  You name it, I was pretty much up to try it out…probs fail, but I’d still give it a go. 😉

That All changed when I started having reactions to grains.  First it started with wheat, then rice, then pretty much everything…sometimes it’s so severe I can’t even touch the grains…I’m of course in that type of reaction mode currently….so baking is a painful and annoying process. 😦

So, back to the story.  I decided that in order to help curb our food budget I would bake cookies and make Granola again for brekkers and possibly even try my hand at bread again….maybe. 😉

Well, it has been a slow process. :/

Yesterday I made pancakes…made with rice flour, it wasn’t toooo terribly bad.  My wrists and hands only ached for a few hours and I had the Randomkids deal with the dishes so I had minimal time spent actually handling the grain itself. 🙂

But today we are making Oatmeal raisin and Oatmeal craisin cookies….I’m a bit nervous to tell ya the truth.  Oatmeal is way closer to wheat then rice is and two nights ago when I made pizza toast for my peeps, I had to ask my Randomkid oldest to come down and help me.   As soon as I picked up the bag of bread my wrists and hands hurt so bad I couldn’t bend my fingers.   Weird! 😮

So, today I am Extremely nervous.  The Randomkiddos already assured me that they will do Everything.  Love those guys. 😀

I’m gonna give it a go and see what happens. 🙂

Well, I’m off to see the wizard…no, just kidding…I’m off to get my day started.  Have an awesome sauce kinda day today fellow blog travelers. 😀 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.- Any of you have any Adventures in _________  …..fill in the blank.  😉

Wanna share?  Leave a line or 2 in the Comments below as per usual.

Later Taters! 😀

Another Day, Another X…

I am trying a new way to get myself organized. 😮

I just started it last week and I’m already falling a bit behind, but the original post that I read it on said that if you don’t at first succeed try, try, again. Lol 😉

It’s a type of time management technique called Don’t Break the Chain.
You basically take a calendar and write on it whatever goal you would like to master.
Then you set up a simple list of ways to achieve said goal, hang it a prominent place that you won’t miss seeing it, and mark off everyday that you finish your goal with a big X. The idea is to not break your chain of X’s. 😀


Simple and easy. I hope. 😉

I’m going to give it the old college try and see if I can create some habits. 😮

I am attempting to Exercise 7 days a week and accomplish everything else at least 5 times a week. Most people only concentrate on 1 thing at a time, but I’ve never been the type of person to do anything easily. Lol

Like I said, we shall see if I can do it. 🙂

For right now I have some free time, but I’m sure that trend won’t last long….it rarely does. Lol
Hopefully I will have my healthy habits down pat by the time I really need them. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land have any time management hints to pass along? I would appreciate any help I could get.
Happy Time Managing! 😀

The Worry Train….

random thought of the day
Did you ever have a time when something teensy tiny happens in your life…
Something meaningless and any other time utterly forgettable….

Maybe you start having a mysterious pain you never had before or maybe your car starts acting a bit funny, or ….whatever.

It’s usually something small that you wouldn’t really dwell on too much, just shrug it off and move on.

Anyhoo, maybe you mention it to someone at work or it comes up in a conversation with your parents on the phone…Whatever the circumstance, you tell someone about it and they off handedly say… not really meaning anything bad at all…

You know you should Really get that checked out before it gets any worse.

Maybe you stepped on a Lego or something tiny poky and indiscernible at 3am in the morning


Out of the blue, whenever you make a right turn in your car it hesitates a bit…

Whatever the instance that starts the rock rolling and before you know it that small meaningless comment begins to bubble and brew and boil in your mind.

Now whenever that new small pain comes up, another small pain shows up along with it…. Forget about the fact that you played in that pick up basketball game the other day only you haven’t picked up a basketball in 5 years. :/


Now the car hesitates aaaand it had trouble starting in the morning…. Never mind the fact that it’s winter and 10 degrees outside and you don’t have a garage. :/

Your mind adds each new occurrence to the list of strange things that have happened lately and suddenly your mind turns into a worry machine.

….Well ya know, I should get the car looked at….But I don’t have money to do that right now…..On the other hand I could be blowing this way out of proportion…. But what if I’m not, and the car lets me sit somewhere in this cold weather. 😮


Well ya know I should probably see a doctor. I did have that strange pain the other day and now when I move my arms they hurt like the dickens. But I don’t have the money for a doctors appt right now. But if I wait, it could be something really bad…..I did step on that teensy mysterious thing the other day. And you know, now that I think about it all my probs started right after I stepped on that whatever it was! 😮 😮

Now I Know that I’m Not supposed to be ruled by fear. I’m a believer, a Christ follower, and the Bible is pretty clear on where the Lord stands on fear.

In fact when I’m feeling worried and a friend will say to me, So what does the Word say about that? … I know Exactly what it says~

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10

Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. …
Matthew 6:25-34

….. These are but a few of what I know the Bible says about the topic of fear and worry and how I should handle it.

Now I don’t want anyone to feel as if I’m pushing my beliefs on them.
I know everyone chooses to live their lives by the beat of their own drum.

That’s all way cool, I just choose to live my life by the beat of the Lords drum. Lol

But I do think Everyone everywhere struggles with getting on the worry train. The place where all of our fears run wild. :/
So if you are on the worry train, struggling with fear. Pull that emergency cord and get off the train. It’s as simple as that. 😮

So the next time you feel the worry train comin, make a choice.

Don’t get on the worry train. Let the worry train leave the station without you on it. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I’ve been struggling with getting on the worry train a lot lately.  :/  Hopefully sharing my struggles will help someone else out there in blogolog land stay off the worry train.

It is Most Def Not a fun ride. 😮 😉

Happy day with No worrytrain traveling.  😀

Step 2: Out the Door

Well, the other day I posted about Moving Forward… Step 1: Move Your Feet.

Here is my next post with a bit more on that subject … Step 2: Out the Door.

Today I had my first Watercolor lesson with my wonderful Art teacher, Elva Hurst, Aka the Chalktalk Lady.

I had first learned of her at our Homeschool Co-op.  My Randomkid Youngest took her son Joe Hurst’s Cartooning Class, more on that in another post. 😉

So, when I wanted to learn watercolor for the illustrations in my book, I decided I would go to Miss Elva. 😀

Well.  What a ride to just get to my appointment.

I really feel like this isn’t just going to some art lesson for kicks, in my mind this is all a grand part of me Moving Forward in my life and embracing all that God created me to be. 😀

So, I shouldn’t wonder that there were challenges just to be able to get to my first destination. Lol

We ended up getting a bit of snow…just enough to make travel icky…and of course I had scheduled my lesson for 10am.  Bright and early right?  Also, bright, early, cold, icy, windy, drifty, and all around blech!  Hmmm, maybe I should back up… the evening before my lesson my hubby came in the door after a long day at work and announced that he was taking the van to work the next day…my lesson day…because his car was acting extra weird and he needed me to get it towed to the garage the next day…again, my lesson day.

My hubby was EXTRA apologetic, but with all the cold, snow, blech weather his houses aren’t drying well and he needs all the days in he can get….he is a drywall finisher. 😀  Drywallers like dry warm weather, not cold, wet weather. 😀

Anyhoo, so after Many apologies, I gave him a hug and got to work filing thru my friends in my mind to see Who might be available to give me a ride….that’s right, nothin’s gonna stop me now…don’t stop believin’…insert your choice of uplifting 80’s music here… Lol

Well, this K-razy weather has been hard on everyone’s cars.  So out of all the friends that live close to me, only 1 had a working vehicle and she usually had Co-op on the day of my art lesson. 😮

But guess what?  Cause of the crazy snow, her co-op canceled…something she was shocked about cause they actually canceled the night before already and they Never do that.  Sooooo a God thing…I love it when a plan comes together…A-team reference…. Looove it. 😀

Alright so day of, I got me a ride, I got me my art stuff, we are all ready…Step 2: Out the Door.

After a fun and sometimes bit hairy ride to Elva’s Studio… It was a bit slushy, slippy, and Icy….I had a blessed and wonderfantabulous time at my lesson.  Whew!

Step 1 & 2 Accomplished!  Yay!  Look at me moving forward!

That’s right. Who’s movin forward? I’m movin’ forward. Uh h-uh, uh h-uh. Uh-huh, Uh- huh, Uh-huh… Emporers New Groove reference. 😉

Ooooo, and guess what?  I made 2 more appointments for lessons. *girlie squeal*


I came home from my beginner lesson feeling sooo happy, that I tried out some of the beginner techniques Miss Elva showed me, all on my little lonesome. I practiced her techs in 2 diff paintings.

Here are my beginnings…I might add more to them, but I want to bring them and show Miss Elva first and see what she suggests. 😀

Forgive the pic quality I used my Ipod and they are just my first tries. 🙂

snow effect watercolor

I plopped Snow on this one after I painted it, just to see what effect it would have. 🙂

salt watercolor

I sprinkled salt in the sky on this one to see what the effect would be. 🙂



The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in blogolog land have any Out the Door moments this week?  Or maybe just some Moments this week? 😉

Leave a line or 6 in the box as per usual. 😀

P.S.S.- I was painting the above watercolors today while listening to a cool music link over on Mescalime’s blog- Psychochromatic Redemption.  …..Thanks for the inspiring notes Mesca. 😀

Happy Steppin’ Ya’ll!  🙂



Sleep or rather Sleep-less-ness…

random thought of the day

I’ve been having a ton of trouble sleeping lately. I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.
I thought maybe I was dealing with insomnia, so I decided to look it up…

The perception or complaint of inadequate or poor-quality sleep due to a number of factors, such as difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, or unrefreshing sleep…

…Yup that is most definitely me.

Soooo, what do I do when I can’t sleep?
I get up and write….which probably doesn’t help me to go back to sleep, but whatevs. 🙂

Some of my best stuff comes to me late at night when I’m sleep deprived… Not sure why, but again with the whatevs. 🙂

So here I am at Dark-Thirty in the morning and typing away on the computer. I wouldn’t say this is my best stuff, but I just got up 10 minutes ago. 😉
I decided to take advantage of my sleeplessness and blog about it. Lol

Here’s to restful sleep and sooooooon…..Zzzzzzzzz.
Nope, just kiddin’. I’m still awake 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Is someone out there in internet land also awake at Dark-Thirty in the morning? Anyone relate to my sleepless debacle and what do ya’ll do when you can’t sleep? Leave me a line or 16 in the box below.
…..Ooooo sleep deprived number typo….you know what? I’m gonna leave it that way, it looks good.

Happy Awakeness! 😀

More Foodie…Fun?

Ok, here we go with another Food post….I know, but it is Seriously hard to find yummy stuff to eat that’s healthy. There is only so much salad and meat variations that I can come up with. Oy!  :/

So, here’s my salad combo for tonight’s supper. *Sigh*

foodie fun 2

Yes, it looks pretty yummy, but I had the same thing for lunch…only with deli meat. *Double Sigh*

My doctor said that I can start introducing grains into my diet, but I’m not convinced. Lol
Soooo, sticking with the veggies and meat…… Yuuuuuuum. 😉

Maybe I can come up with something yummilicious for tomorrow that is Not salad and meat.

Eggs and meat maybe??  Lol 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I tried my Fave dessert from Barnes and Noble, and got a migraine… 😦
I’m gonna try it again in a week, hopefully it wasn’t my yummy treat. *Triple Sigh*

Foodie… Fun ?

Time Comsuming Breakfast

Wow!  I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but must it also be the longest to prepare??  😮

Because of the whole non-grain thing, I have to make more,”complicated,” breakfasts. Gone are the days of a quick bowl of oatmeal, cereal, toast and sun nut butter, etc. Now I actually have to take the time to make a meal.  Oy!  Time, you say?  What is this time you speak of??  😉

So on today’s menu.  An egg, burger, and cheese omelet, turkey bacon, and homefries.

Of course, the hubby wanted some too so I made double my normal amount….well, triple…the hubby is a big eater, not that he ever gains weight… That is def. fodder for another post! Lol

Anyhoo, so for those of you who read any of my Random drivel… in an earlier post, I hinted at my foodie freak tendencies…Is it done enough? let me get out my food thermometers… Oh my gosh someone left the fridge door cracked open for 15 minutes? Throw ALL the food AWAY!! 😮

Okay, so I admit it.  I am a Foodiefreako-germaphobe. That’s not a real word obviously, I just came up with it, in fact my spell check is going zonkers right now….take that spell check! Mwahahahaha!!

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Foodiefreakogermaphobe… I’m extra careful with my foodie prep, well as compared to other normal people that I see cook food. 🙂  But because of the Foodiefreako in me I tend to overthink everything when I cook.
Aaaaaand because I hate doing dishes and the Randomkids have a round about way of “getting” to them to actually oh I don’t know…. Clean the flippin dishes so we actually, have clean plates, cups, utensils, and pots to cook with!!…I tend to cook as much as I possibly can out of one pot or pan.

So this morning started with me cooking the bacon, for normal people they would cook it according to package directions…9 minutes…me, 20-25 minutes..what? I like to know it’s done, AKA browned or blackened a bit. Lol

Then I put in my omelet after floating my eggs, drying them off, then mixing all my premade and cooked goodies into it…those things took time to finish up too but I’m not including that in my Brekkers Tale…

So, there I was, patiently waiting for the omelet to finish, when I suddenly realized I had forgotten all about the potatoes waiting in the microwave to be turned into homefries.

My hubby was gonna be late for work, a watched omelet Never cooks, and I needed to make the difficult decision…do I use another pan or not…tick, tock, tick, tock… Cue zoom in to biting nails.

I mean heck it was Bad Enough that I was baking the hubby’s toast directly on the oven rack!!! 😮  Oh the humanity!!
I never do ANYTHING like that, that is the hubster’s M.O. ….I find it horrifying, I mean what has been on those racks? We’ve only lived here for a year! What did the previous tenants and owners Do in the oven? The food needs to be safely on something, a cookie sheet, parchment paper, aluminum foil, anything!!

But, soon I calmed myself and figured… Hey, I wasn’t going to eat the toast, and he would normally do it anyway if I wasn’t there, soooo just go with it.

Okay, back to my Breakfast Tale…

There I was looking at the omelet that just would NOT bake!! and the homefries staring at me, just waiting to be made.  So I did what any other self respecting foodie cook would do, I gave in and pulled out another pot! 😮   ~Duh, Duh, Duhhhhhhhhh!!   😉

But, it was all cool, I cooked up the homefries, the omelet Finally got done, and I plated it all up.
The hubsters plate was sooo full he had to doggie bag half of it to work. LOL   In yo face, Subway and McD’s lunch… you Won’t be visited today! Ha!

Aaaaaand as a bonus, I was able to reuse the homefries pot for hot dogs at lunch. 😀

Stay tuned for,”Adventures in Suppertime Preparations,” coming to a blog post near you.

😉 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land have a Brekkers or Lunchfest Tale of Amazement, Whoa, or Meh to share?
Drop me a line or more in the comment box.

Happy foodie fun! 😀

The Milk Debate…

fresh taste guaranteed

Shouldn’t this say, best if opened by sell-date and Sour within 7 days? or will go bad within 7 days?
I am the type of person that needs plain directions.

Aaaaand, by the way, just a small side note. Does Anyone really ask for a refund on their milk, especially sooo many people that they have to limit the amount of refunds??

Well, back to the topic at hand…
We opened a carton of milk at Christmas time…yep, Christmas time, we are now Full into the second week of January…Anyhoo, the sell by date on the carton is for January 18th but there is this label on the side of the box.

Soooo, I had a banter….can’t really classify it as an argument….with the hubby as to whether we should continue using it or not. 
His view was as long as it tastes, looks, and smells ok, we use it.
My view…I’m a freako about food, in a bad phobic sort of way…We are waaaaaaay past 7 days people! At this point it doesn’t matter how it tastes, looks, smells, and the sell by date be darned, we should throw it away.

After a full 15 minutes of back and forth banter an additional 10 minutes of online info and even dragging the Randomkids in on the debate…they could care less, they just grab any open container of milk in the fridge…we never came to any viable solutions and the milk is still sitting in the fridge.

If you can’t beat em join em…..Fuzzy Yosemite Sam logic, but still….


Cocoa isn’t too bad with….best if used within 7 days but is waaaaaay past that milk. 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂
P.S.- Any of you out in internet land care to weigh in on the debate? Drop me a line or two in the comment box.
Mmmmm, that’s actually good cocoa…. Stay happy and have yourself a cup of cocoa while you’re at it. Spoiled milk is optional.