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… Imagine, Create, Inspire, Repeat …

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Write, Draw, Write, Draw, Write, Draw…Oh, and Craft a bit too

Hello all you wonderful internet land dwellers,

I’ve been diligently slaving away at the old keyboard working on the rewrite phase of my toothfairy book….Sigh. I Absoposolutely do NOT like rewriting. Bleh. :/

To bring everyone up to speed….cause it’s been forever and a day since I’ve been here in the land of internet…. I’ve been writing a book called Biscuped Molar and the Gaptoothed Monster.
It’s a children’s book…for those of you who were unsure. ;)-

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Edits, Dishes, & Laundry…

I’ve been Extremely busy all day editing my book…it’s due on Friday…did I mention that already like 5x a post? 😉

….Washing dishes and doing laundry…..Not necessarily in that order….and Not necessarily all at once.

Oh, and bit of school tossed into the mix. 😉

I finished the night with cooking burgers, cheesy cauliflower, garlic green beans, butter noodles, boiled chicken (for chicken salad tomorrow), hardboiled eggs (for the chicken salad again), and chocolate chip cookies…..of course now I have more dishes. Lol

So here I am typing on the computer just before I take my shower, get in my PJ’s, go to bed, and start all over again tomorrow….with Edits, Dishes, & Laundry….It’s time to wash all the bedding. Lols again.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

Perspective…Take 2

WordPress’s Discover Challenge~ Perspective


So I was jumpin around on peoples blogs when I came across this coolio WordPress challenge thingie.  🙂

The challenge was all about your blogging perspective…Well, at first I was like…Cool, when I blog, I’m usually sitting at my kitchen table, so I’ll take some pics out my kitchen window to capture my perspective as I sit blogging…and that was fun and I submitted it under my Random Places blog, but then I was thinking.

What is my actual Blogolog type perspective….Hmmmmmm

Then I thought, what is my actual perspective in life?…How do I look at the world?

Well, as I’ve shared on more than one occasion, I’m an Aspie, ADD is good for me, homeschooling mama, and writer/artist/photographer enthusiast-noob.

All those things together Really affect…effect? Lol…I can never get those two straight….the way that I view my surroundings.

For instance, when we went hiking a few weeks back, I brought my camera along…Mistake!

I was stopping every few feet with thoughts of Picture Opportunity flashing through my head.

I was like, Oh my Goodness!! Do you guys see how that stand of trees looks like the setting for a start of an awesome story?  I just have to get a quick pic of that!  Or Wait!  Babe!  Don’t move!  Where your standing your shadow is stretching across that stream and up that tree, it’s perfect!  Let me get a quick shot of it.

….Heavy sighs from the hubster. Lols 😉

And when I’m walking around in life I have so many thoughts running through my head at once it’s like grand central station in there.

I’m usually thinking of something I’m writing or how this sparked a new idea for a story/poem/drawing/painting/etc. or I’m thinking this would be a perfect event to bring the Randomkids for homeschool cause it sooo ties in with what we are studying right now. Rofls

My hubby always says it’s hard keeping up with me, heck it’s hard keeping up with myself. 😮 😉

For starters, he hates watching movies with me cause I look up information about the show while we are watching it and ruin it for myself and/or him.  He also hates watching movies with me because when a movie or show gets slow I want to do something else, so I’m usually watching the TV with him, typing stuff up on my computer, and watching something else on my Ipod all at the same time…drives him Crazy. 😉

Our entire house is one fun mix of Aspie/ADD peeps.  😮

We all have different levels of everything and it affects the way that we do Everything. Lols

For homeschool we usually do unit studies because the Randomkids get into a topic and want to discover every facet of that topic….it then becomes my job to bring in as much diversity into that topic as possible…crossing those synapses. 😉

We all also get easily overwhelmed with things in life…people, circumstances, sounds, feelings, sights, you name it, it can overwhelm us.  I never know when these Aspie Overloads or Meltdowns…depending on the severity…as we call them will happen.

Each one of us handles our meltdowns in different ways too.

I need to block out life by listening to music with headphones and go be outside in nature or listen to music with headphones and paint or take pictures out in nature or listen to music with headphones and write out in nature…are you sensing a running theme?  🙂

Each of my Randomkids and the Hubster handle Overloads in their own ways as well.  I try to be sensitive to their needs as much as I can.  We all can understand the whys of meltdowns, but don’t always recognize when it’s going to happen.

I try to observe when a sitch seems to be climaxing to a point that might overwhelm one of us, but sometimes it triggers an overload and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s usually a crapshoot. :/

For instance, yesterday the hubster was having an overload and I didn’t even recognize that it was an overload until this morning and I was thinking about his behavior.

His escape from meltdowns is usually running off into TV land, working out, and snack eating…sometimes it’s all at once. Lols

He’ll be down in the basement weight lifting or biking, watching Netflix or Youtube Workout vids on his tablet, and snacking on veggies or fruit or chips or yogurt or whatever else I have laying around. Rofl  🙂

But all of this Randomness is a gift.  Looking at the world with our head cocked to the side and slightly down and right of center is what makes our lives so interesting.

When I teach my Randomkids I never really know what they will come up with because the way they interpret what we talk about is so Completely different than where I was going with it.

When I write my stories they are so unusual and straight outta left field that people find them an enjoyable escape from the normalcy of life.

I love my Aspie/ADD/Random type nutsy-cuckoo feelin kinda life.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that weirdness is where it’s at and sameness is mediocrity blahsville….not a place that I would Ever want to be. God created me for my individuality not so I could go along with everyone else’s pace.

As I always say, It’s All Good. …said like Joe Cool Snoopy with his shades on. 😉

So three cheers for all of us, Random is as Random does, type individuals.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


P.S.- What’s your perspective on life?  Leave me a line or 2 in the box.

Latah and Happy Random-nessin’ 😀

The School Year is Coming to a Close…

Well, today we had our last homeschool meeting for our small group, Out of the Box, today.

Well, actually we have one more get together… an end of the year celebration at the park in May. 😀

Today we tried watercolor with the kiddos.  It was pretty cool seeing everyone’s different results.  We are studying the Titanic, so the kiddos painted icebergs.  Mine came out like a hippie psychedelic acid trippy type iceberg. Lol  Everyone else’s came out normal. 😀

We also did some experiments with mini icebergs…well actually various sizes of ice cubes.  🙂

I filled a container with plain water and another one with salt water.  Then we floated the ice in both containers and wrote down observations.  It was very wet. And the kiddos had a hard time keeping their fingers out of the Bowls.  Lol

Now I get to concentrate on finishing the rest of My homeschool year. Yay!…Not Really.  🙂

Well, I’m off to work on tomorrows school schedule.  Yay me…again. Lols 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

Adventures in Homeschooling…

I have been randomly posting……Yes, yes I have.  Bwahahahaha! …okay, sorry wipin’ a tear on that one…randomly posting….Hahahahaha!  Whew!  :’D

Okay, now then…ahem.  I have been randomly posting…giggle…about homeschooling panicking….sorta like picnicking, but Not. 😉

Well, today I was up to my eyeballs in year end fun.

It was a whirlwind day of chuckling at my Randomkid oldest as he struggles through the process of putting a portfolio together for the first time.  Bwahahahaha!!  Again.  :’D

So much funny, so little time. Lol

I spent the better part of the day leaping back and forth and to and fro…I’m gettin’ kinda seasick… between the Random kiddos schoolie type stuff and schoolie type phone calls all day.

BUT, it was all worth it!  The Randomkid oldest’s portfolio is 99% complete!  Whoo-hoo!! 😀

It just needs a few pics thrown in for good measure aaaand I still have to print out All the crazy documents he needs to graduate.  Bleh!  :/  I do not like dumb documents, Sam I am.  I do not like them in a box, with a fox, I do not like them Sam I am. 😉

Aaaand the Randomkid youngest is about 2 books from being finished as well.  So tomorrow we will be working on Portfolio Deux.

I think I may have all the school type stuff finished before the end of April!  Record breaking Shockers!!

Now I just have to get the rest of my life under control.  Lols 😉


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.-  Anyone else out there in internet land have end of the year deadlines that are breathin’ down their necks giving them ring around the collar?  If you want to rant, leave a line or 4 in the box below.

Happy End of the Year-ness!! 😀


P.S.S.- For some reason this didn’t post yesterday, so I’m posting it as if it did….Random Cheating Under a Blue Moon. 😉

Adventures in WordPress Scheduling…fodder for another post. 😀

What’s on Your Plate?

I decided to start a new segment…wait this isn’t a television show. Lol…well, sometimes it’s as badly written as television. Ha! 😉

I had previously called these posts Foodie Fun…but I decided that What’s on Your Plate? is a catchier name Aaaaaand, since I’m always looking for new recipes and foodies to make I would like to see Other people’s plates as well. 😀

So, on today’s lunch menu for me is Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Yums…

Lettuce Wrap Turkey Yums

For those of you who haven’t visited before…helloooo 🙂 …I am grain free and experiment with recipes to make for me and my family.

Each of us in the fam have a diff foodie ish….The Randomkids can’t have anything with corn…including eggs, chicken, and beef that wasn’t fed Non-GMO grains….also no peanut butter or too many nuts in general…limited amounts of wheat and no seafood…at least not ocean type seafood. The hubster has an intolerance for nightshade veggies…so I just have to make sure I don’t cook too much with tomatoes, potatoes, etc… 🙂

SO, needless to say, I’m Always huntin’ for new ways to look at a recipe. 😀

Back to my lunch…

I found a fairly healthy version of deli meat without any nitrates, weirdo preservatives, and the Randomkids can have it. Yay!

So, I made a nice summer feels turkey lettuce wrap with lovely heirloom tomatoes, carrot slivers, cooper cheese, a dab of mayo, and drizzle of dijon mustard.  Very light and it reminds me of summertime on my old deck overlooking my backyard garden on a warm evening. 😀

So, now that I shared my lunch with you….. What’s on Your Plate?


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you have a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack to share?  Please leave me a comment, pic, or a link to a post about….. What’s on Your Plate?

Happy Foodie Fun! 😀

Where did the rest of the year go…

Ack! It’s the end of the school year! 😮

I know that the end of the school year shouldn’t come leaping up at me every year with a giant jump-scare SURPRISE!

Never the less, it always does… sorta like Christmas and Taxes…Lol  😉

So right now we are tying up loose ends… like, “Okay, we did English-check, Science-check, Math-ish..it’s been a crappy year in the math department… Fire & Safety-check, Health? What health? Ohhh crud.”

Yeah, it kinda goes something like that. 🙂 Lols

So anyhoo, here we go again…another year, another portfolio to get together. 😀

Soon, it will be Evalution time. 🙂

Oh look, my Randomkids are randomly wandering around…so I guess I better go figure out what has them soooo lost and get them back on track.  ;D

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Have a hopefully snow-less weekend and an awesome type kinda day. 😀

Happy Homeschoolin’!  If ya do that is. 😉


It’s that time of year again
The change of seasons has begun 🙂
The new guard taking over for the old
With it comes the promise of warmer days
More time spent outside in the sun 😀
Daylight savings comes around stealing one hour away from my already too short day
This is the time of year when we homeschoolers bustle about finishing up our year
But this year with my oldest graduating I feel overwhelmed and anxious
Change is a good thing, it can usher in growth and bring around new paths in life
Yet change is scary and unknown :/
So here I sit at 6am writing about feeling overwhelmed by it all 🙂

I wrote this little ditty last night as I hung out in my stairwell hiding out momentarily from the world… 😀

I’m off and running like a shot
Seeking solitude and acting the recluse
Rest and Peacefulness is what I crave
Life is closing in, I’m overwhelmed without real cause
An illusion crafted in my mind?
Is it the seasons change?
Just the time of year?
I’m not quite sure what triggers the urge to hideaway
I only know that I am a boat untethered from its mooring bobbing over murky waters
A kite snapped from it’s stringed anchor and spirited away by the feckless wind

If I could I would visit my peaceful spot
I would sit on a rock and listen to the babbling brook
Watch the small fish dart in and out of the shallows looking for places to hide
Listen to the birds chatting amiably overhead
Breathe in the freeing scents of loamy moss covered earth, lush green forest, and gently flowing water
Finally able to block out the discordant and grating sounds of the world and life
Resetting my mind and listening attentively and peacefully to the Lord’s quiet harmonious voice

But, I cannot

So here I sit in the stairwell, my new thinking place
Ignoring the hum and growl of passing cars and trucks outside
And focusing on the feel of the soft carpet, the smooth wooden walls, and the peaceful seclusion of my new quiet spot where I can sit and hear the Lord’s calming mellifluous voice

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you have certain times in your life when you just feel Overwhelmed? How do you tackle life’s Overwhelming moments?
Leave a line or 5 in the box.
Happy Fortress of Solituding! 😀

Another Day, Another X…

I am trying a new way to get myself organized. 😮

I just started it last week and I’m already falling a bit behind, but the original post that I read it on said that if you don’t at first succeed try, try, again. Lol 😉

It’s a type of time management technique called Don’t Break the Chain.
You basically take a calendar and write on it whatever goal you would like to master.
Then you set up a simple list of ways to achieve said goal, hang it a prominent place that you won’t miss seeing it, and mark off everyday that you finish your goal with a big X. The idea is to not break your chain of X’s. 😀


Simple and easy. I hope. 😉

I’m going to give it the old college try and see if I can create some habits. 😮

I am attempting to Exercise 7 days a week and accomplish everything else at least 5 times a week. Most people only concentrate on 1 thing at a time, but I’ve never been the type of person to do anything easily. Lol

Like I said, we shall see if I can do it. 🙂

For right now I have some free time, but I’m sure that trend won’t last long….it rarely does. Lol
Hopefully I will have my healthy habits down pat by the time I really need them. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land have any time management hints to pass along? I would appreciate any help I could get.
Happy Time Managing! 😀