Musical Eclipse…

Went to a party, listened to some music, saw the Eclipse….

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2017…Summer of the Rocks

I was telling my Randomkid that we should start calling this summer- The Summer of the Rocks.  😮

We travel a particular stretch of highway almost every other day.  This year is the first year in all of my time living around here that my vehicle has been hit by anything, much less rocks. :/ Continue reading

Homeschooling Away…

So it’s already the second week of August and September is fast approaching.  We’ve been doing homeschool everyday since July 3rd, but I’ve been adding more subjects to our list now that we are edging towards fall.  :/

Every year it’s like this.  We start in the beginning of July so that we can have a cushion for the rest of the year in case of sick days or a needed extended Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation.  And even though we start in July and have Plenty of days in already I begin to feel the September doubts.  😦 Continue reading

Comic Cons are the perfect treat to make this Geek’s week…

Cons…It’s become the preferred nickname for conventions.  Our family just started attending them last year.

They are basically a place where fans of a particular subject like comic books gather to meet creators, artists, cosplayers, and purchase discounted stuff from vendors.  A lot of people go to cons in cosplay….they dress up like their favorite character from a comic, movie, book, etc… Continue reading

Thursday Thirteen….

My friend from over at Sue’s Nook linked me to this fun idea and I thought I’d give it a go.

Thirteen things to cross off my to do list….but probably won’t. 😉

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The Weekend’s Over Already??

I had Big plans for this weekend. 😮

Had a long list of stuff to do…I was gonna get the house organized…Get some writing done…Get some illustrations and storyboards done for Bicusped and Ross Rossum.

Well, best laid plans of Mice and Men I guess.  :/

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Weekend Inspiration~ Imagine, Create, Inspire …Repeat…

Hello, all of you lovely internet land dwellers. 😀

As an artist and a writer, I’m always on the look out for things that will ignite new ideas in my mind.

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