More Foodie…Fun?

Ok, here we go with another Food post….I know, but it is Seriously hard to find yummy stuff to eat that’s healthy. There is only so much salad and meat variations that I can come up with. Oy!  :/

So, here’s my salad combo for tonight’s supper. *Sigh*

foodie fun 2

Yes, it looks pretty yummy, but I had the same thing for lunch…only with deli meat. *Double Sigh*

My doctor said that I can start introducing grains into my diet, but I’m not convinced. Lol
Soooo, sticking with the veggies and meat…… Yuuuuuuum. 😉

Maybe I can come up with something yummilicious for tomorrow that is Not salad and meat.

Eggs and meat maybe??  Lol 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I tried my Fave dessert from Barnes and Noble, and got a migraine… 😦
I’m gonna try it again in a week, hopefully it wasn’t my yummy treat. *Triple Sigh*


Aaaack! I’ve Ripped My Pants…


Ok, I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but school started with a vengeance… sort of like Die Hard with a Vengeance… but without all the blood.

Anyhoo, daylight savings has allowed me to start getting up anywhere from 2-5 in the morning now…..I’m comatose and drooling by 7pm, but whatevs right??
So, I find myself with actual Time to Blog! **Insert shocked emoji of your choice here**

Okay, back to my Randomness for the day…this time in the form of a Random Plea for Help…Sort of an Opposite of Self Help…Other Help maybe?…Hmmm..

I am low on jeans right now…I’m also low on funds to buy new jeans, so therefore I must keep the jeans I own from falling apart…….somehow.

Just a side note: I am a TERRIBLE seamstress, I have no sewing machine…it would probably self destruct or throw itself out a window…I am a lame duck when it comes to needles and thread………..Just needed to get that out there right away. 🙂

Okay, Random Question of the Day…..Where is it okeydokey to patch jeans and where is it NOT okay and possibly Socially Awkward to patch jeans?

Here’s the Sitch:
I am currently overweight…I know, this is not Dr. Phil or Oprah…
So of course the places that my jeans are ishing is not in a “cute” place like on my calf, above the knee, or even on my thigh….of course it’s more like on the inside leg… sort of in the saddle region.

Sooooo, I need input here people…is that an Okay area to place a patch?…well, 2 patches…or is it time to just give up and send my jeans to the big trash can in the kitchen!

Thanks for any help and may your jeans stay together in all the right places.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

The Dreadful, Awful, Horrifying tale of Whoa!!

July 9, 2014

My tale begins on this beautiful and fair weathered day.

It was a glorious morning, sunny but overcast, which would protect my skin from the full assault of the unmerciful sun.  There was a gentle breeze that stirred the trees and set my wind chimes tumbling about.  They softly bumped into one another, sounding their melodious and unobtrusive ting, tang, tong tones bouncing around my backyard glen.

It was a perfect day for Questing.

I checked my gear that I had so carefully laid out in preparation the evening before.  Invigorated by my victory over the evil sod and taming of the the Grass Eating Monster.

Weed Hacker….. Check

Protective Nitrile coated Gauntlets….. Check

Glasses of Safety…… Check

Armored Breeches….. Check

And so I began, I pulled out the Weed Hacker, suited up and set out on my crusade to eliminate the Creeping Flora of the Backyard with extreme prejudice.

I plugged into the power source and started to slash my way into the deep undergrowth.  But alas, this is where my tale of Whoa begins.

The Weed Hacker and I were just beginning to really tear into the menacing fauna when suddenly the Weed Hacker just exploded, throwing parts this way and that and spilling its corded entrails along the borders of my deck.

It was absolutely horrifying, shocking, and hideous to gaze upon.  I have included an image of the carnage.  It is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.


So that is how my tale ends, with my beloved Weed Hacker lying shattered and broken, a sad vestige of its former self.


But do not cry for me, I began a new quest soon after burying my Weed Hacker on the Hill of Rubbish.

I pulled the accursed Creeping Flora of the Backyard with my own gauntlet covered hands!

So do not be sad, my tale of Whoa ended in a tale of triumph and satisfied contentment.

In fact, a gentle but thoroughly drenching shower has just passed over my carefully yet rigorously weeded backyard hollow.  Leaving it a wondrous world of rain kissed plants and trees reflecting the colorful rays of the setting sun through the densely leafed canopy of my backyard glen.

And thusly I end my tale of Whoa.



Blue Moon Thinker


The Victor, The Conqueror, The Vanquisher of the Grass Eating Monster

July 8, 2014

I have done it!

I fought the lawn and the lawn won!….Wait, No.  I won!

I fought the lawn and I won!

Yes, that’s right, I defeated not only the grassy sod that is our yard, but I also overcame the Grass Eating Monster!

It was a twofer this day.


And this is only the back. 😮

I would have taken a before picture, but the lawn was long on angry eyebrows and short on paparazzi patience.

But for now I have trounced the evil sod and bent the Grass Eating Monster to my will.

Tomorrow is another day and another battle.

I will have to face the wrath of the Weed Hacker and it’s menacing and foul enemy, the Creeping Flora of the Backyard.

Hopefully you will hear from me again.


The Blue Moon Thinker