Midweek Musings 7/26…

Today is Wednesday.

It’s known as the third working day…the crest of the proverbial Hill when experiencing a rough week.

Usually upon reaching a Wednesday we think to ourselves, “It’s all downhill from here.  Just two more days till the weekend.”
Everyone around us echoes our thought with a Hallelujah and an Amen.

So, I will begin celebrating these extremely underrated humpdays with a bit of Creative Writing.
This Midweek Musing?  A Poem

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The Craft-day Countdown is done…

Well, it’s officially over. 🙂

My first craft show is finished and under the bridge.  It was fun, painful, potentially embarrassing, exhausting, did I mention fun, and I learned a lot. 🙂

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One Down, A Thousand More to Go…

Today was my Official last day of homeschool with the Freshman. Yes! 🙂

I now have the entire month of June to do anything I want.
Okay….maybe not the Entire month….and maybe not Anything I want.

The first thing I’m doing this evening is making a list….well, a Ton of  lists, but I’m writing lists so that I don’t forget to do anything. 😀

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Write, Draw, Write, Draw, Write, Draw…Oh, and Craft a bit too

Hello all you wonderful internet land dwellers,

I’ve been diligently slaving away at the old keyboard working on the rewrite phase of my toothfairy book….Sigh. I Absoposolutely do NOT like rewriting. Bleh. :/

To bring everyone up to speed….cause it’s been forever and a day since I’ve been here in the land of internet…. I’ve been writing a book called Biscuped Molar and the Gaptoothed Monster.
It’s a children’s book…for those of you who were unsure. ;)-

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Right Lane Closed in 1 Mile…

Hello there all you wonderful internet land dwellers. 😀

I’m stoppin’ in for a quick update…I have sooooo much to blog about!!!! 😮

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A Fish Tale- The Continuing Saga…

Hello there again all you lovely people of internet land.  We had some more fish fun today, but I’ll share that another time.  It’s better to start at the beginning.

Now where did I leave off last time?  Oh, yes.  We had the tank all set up and the fish were swimming around with all the happy feels a fish could have.

Now when we got the fish from their owner she gave us the basics of fish care and we had looked up the rest.  But they are just fish right?  I wouldn’t need to know any previous history on the fish right?  I mean they are just fish…feed em, make sure their water is filtered well, aerated, do a water change so they can be happy.  Fairly straight forward you’d think.

But no, it’s apparently Not as easy as it sounds.  As we were soon to find out.

Let the tale of the fish saga begin.

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A Fish Tale…

Hello everybody! Long time, no see. 🙂

Ok, I said before on here somewhere that I homeschool my Randomkid.
Randomkid Senior graduated last year and my youngest Randomkid started his highschool years this year. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Anyhoo, we are covering a lot of the basic courses that most freshman cover like Biology. We chose a Bio book that looked interesting and away the kid went on his little way. I figured we’d do some dissections…online and in real life and voila, instant credit with labs. A snap, right?

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November 16th, 2016…

Dear Diary,
I mean WordPress,

I have finally come back to The Land of the Internet Lulz. 😀
After a long hiatus due to the dreaded Homeschool Apocalypse that we will call the Randomkid Youngest’s first year of highschool, I am back for some much needed typing of Completely Nonsensical Ramblings and Made-Up-Isms. 😉

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Hello October…Wait, what?

Somehow the new month is upon us like a leopard pouncing from an innocent looking tree limb.

School has handed me a plate of boy-howdy-is-this-a-lot-of-work this year.

I am still attempting to work on my books and meet my January deadline for finishing my Bicusped Molar book, but life is coming at me a bit fast.  :/

I’ve bookended our school week with Homeschool group-type activities on every Monday and Friday.  Leaving only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to finish regular school work.

Thursday is still my personal writing day, but when I add field trips, dental/ortho appts, doctor appts, social activities, or pop-up Homeschool days out, it Really cuts into our 3 days to get things done.

I’m Extremely glad that my Randomkid Youngest isn’t working outside of the home as of yet or I would Really be pulling my hair out. Ack!

So, in order to sneak in writing and/or art I try to work it into the actual homeschool schedule.  If we are doing art I pick an activity that I can practice something for my illustrations and hopefully the Randomkid learns a new art form or new art technique.

And the Randomkid is working on a few manuscripts as well, so working in writing is not a problem.

Really it all gets back to that elusive shadowed specter named time.  I just never seem to have enough of it.  😦

I just finished watching a three part series on FB with tips on how to set aside time for writing.

The speaker challenged writers to map out what your day looks like from morning to evening for an entire week…three weeks is preferred, but reality is a week will be all I get done.

The idea is that after writing down your activities for a week or so you can see just where you might have free time and prioritize what you Really need to work on during that time.

I know right now that I need to reprioritize my screen time from research/recreational watching to actual Focused writing time. :/

I am starting off the month with my no FB, Pinterest, Netflix, Youtube time until after 7pm, unless I am in motion on some form of exercise machine.  ;)-

That really seemed to work well for me during the month of September and helped me to get moving more often.

Because the reward for movement was screen time.  Rofls

So, maybe after I get through this week I will be able to discover my hidden free time and use it for good instead of evil.  Ha!  XD


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.-  Happy October!  May your leaves all fall exactly where you would like them to and may they stay in the piles where they are placed.  ;)-

Happy Leaf Jumping!