The Great Snow-tastrophe of 2016

Snow much Snow!!

Wowsers! We definitely got hit with some serious snowage.

I got some crazy pictures of the Blizzardage.

11 am Saturday-


4pm Saturday-


That is soooome snow!

Because I was stuck inside…obviously… I ended up doing some studying for one of the book series I’m writing.
…More on that in another post…

Aaaaand I finally figured out the type of medium I want to use for my illustrations. Yay!!! Course, there’s only one prob, I actually haven’t used any of the art mediums I want to use.  So now I just have to figure out if I can do it. Lol

I also decided it was high time to pick up the previously mentioned book series, finish my edits, and send it off to my wonderful editor friend who helps me with my grammatical challenges….I have a lot of those.  :/
She probably cringes every time she reads any of my blogs…..Sorry Wooly Gal, I’m really Not trying to make you go nutsy cuckoo.  😮  🙂

I also spent time Attempting… of course every time I sat down, I was pulled away to do something else…to write some blog posts for next week. I really want to try and do one blog post Mon-Fri for my Thoughts and Stories blogs….we’ll see how long I can keep the pace up and not go cray.  😀

As per usual, I also did a ton of boring stuff like cooking, dishes, laundry, and cleaning. Bleh!!

But, all in all it was a nice and relaxing weekend. Thank you Snow-partay of 2016 you rocked! 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

For those of you in internet land who were trapped by the Snow-tastrophe of 2016, what did you do while you were shut in and cut off from the world?
Leave a comment or two in the box.

Happy Dig Out Monday!! 😀


Shovels, Shovels, Everywhere…Not!


Okay, so we are preparing for snowmageddon here in Pa or so everyone says. Ve shall Zee vat happenz… Lol

But either way, our snow shovels have seen better days, like they needed to be taken out back and put out of their misery a loooong time ago. Literally, our one shovel we got back in the snowmageddon of ’96. We had to walk thru the 5 foot snow drifts to a general store in our town to buy a shovel cause we didn’t own any. So, I am making the Extremely hard decision that it is Finally time to put our old shovel down the garbage hole.

We had a small service for the shovel and drove off to Walmart. We walked through the doors and were immediately inundated with all things snow related. Sidewalk salt? They had it by the bucketful. Hats, gloves, scarfs? There was a bin that covered that. Ice scrapers, windshield wiper fluid? Pallets full.

Of course there had to be a Ton of shovels riiiiiiight? Wrong.

No shovels. Anywhere.

I asked a sales associate if they could point me in the direction of the shovels. She pointed me to lawn and garden, explaining that if there were any left they were outside to the right as soon as you get through the door. But she warned me that the last time she checked there were only 2 left. What????

So, we turned the corner and low and behold there were NO shovels left!!!! Ok, I take that back, there Were 2.

There hanging in their spot were 2 tiny kids shovels. Yup, that’s just what I need to shovel out from Snowmageddon!! Riiiiiight! Not!

So, here I sit without a shovel.

A shovel, a shovel, my kingdom for a shovel!

The BluemoonThinker 🙂

P.S.- Update on the shovel sitch: I found a shovel at Kmart. They had a bazillion shovels!! They cost an arm and a leg, but now at least I can shovel our driveway with my incredibly expensive Shovel of Awesomeness!!!
Are ya’ll ready for the impending snow? Drop me a line or two as usual in the box.