The Great Snow-tastrophe of 2016

Snow much Snow!! Wowsers! We definitely got hit with some serious snowage. I got some crazy pictures of the Blizzardage. 11 am Saturday- 4pm Saturday- That is soooome snow! Because I was stuck inside…obviously… I ended up doing some studying for one of the book series I'm writing. …More on that in another post… Aaaaand … Continue reading The Great Snow-tastrophe of 2016

Shovels, Shovels, Everywhere…Not!

Okay, so we are preparing for snowmageddon here in Pa or so everyone says. Ve shall Zee vat happenz… Lol But either way, our snow shovels have seen better days, like they needed to be taken out back and put out of their misery a loooong time ago. Literally, our one shovel we got back … Continue reading Shovels, Shovels, Everywhere…Not!