The Craft-day Countdown is done…

Well, it’s officially over. 🙂

My first craft show is finished and under the bridge.  It was fun, painful, potentially embarrassing, exhausting, did I mention fun, and I learned a lot. 🙂

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Risky Business…

I’m a writer.  There, I said it….Good grief, why is that so hard to get out. Lols

I’ve written a book and I’ve sent it out to my first level of official beta readers…..Risky business having other people look at your work. :/

For some people I know that doesn’t seem like much of a risk, but for me it’s Huge.
Putting your work out there for other people to critique or just plain read it is a frightening concept. 😮

Will they like it?  Will they hate it?  Will you ever be able to look them in eye in public again?  Will you feel awesome when you hear back from them?  Will you want to bury your pen and writers notebook in the back yard to never see the light of day again?  Aaaaaaaah! 😮 😮

So for me, it’s a gigantic risk. 🙂

But now it is done.
I finished all the edits on my book…at least what I could find.  😉

After reading it over and over and over for a few months it all looks the same after a while and you find yourself in a place where you just need to be done with it and get it out of your hands. 😀

So it took me all day of hiding myself from everyone and everything and giving myself a deadline of 2pm, but I got my edits done, my beta reader critique survey form completed, printed all of it out and packaged it up for my beta readers.


As you can tell I like to do it up right.  😉

I can’t help it, I like to decorate everything with stickers and drawings…it helps me express how I’m really feeling to the person I’m communicating with…..Probably why I’m the emoticon queen.  Lols  😀

Each person got a different envelope and I tried to put something different on each of them that would fit their interests.

Ross Manuscript 2

So my precious baby is all out of my hands now.  I won’t be hearing anything back for  at least a few weeks…I hope. 😉

I asked my beta readers to give their critiques back by the end of May…I figured that should be plenty of time for them to fit it into their busy lives and not sound too pushy.

Well, no rest for the weary. I’m jumpin’ off to keep workin’ on my robot drawings and to work on my second book in the series…. The Kitchen Caper….at least that’s what I’m callin’ it for now.  Lols


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.- Calculated risks….we take them everyday.  Have you taken any calculated risks this week?  Did you put Your pride or reputation on the line this week?  Feel free to leave a line or 5 in the box below as per usual.

Happy Risk Taking!  😀

School, School, and More School…

Well, today Flew by!

The Randomkid Oldest met for the final Literary Discussion Group of the year and his school career. 🙂

They read Scarlet Pimpernel. 😀

We watched the movie…the 1930’s edition..not a lot of chests flashing across the screen…needed a G version. Lol

The kiddos chowed down on popcorn and generally had a great time mocking the movie. 😀

They all Loved the book and shared their final projects of the year.

We had a song…Extremely catchy

An artists rendition of Percy…Wonderfully drawn

A comic of a chase scene involving the Pimpernel…Hysterical and creative

And an alternate ending…well, a walk through the imagination of a writer attempting to write an alternate ending…LOLS!…Inventive and entertaining at the same time.

We have a Very Creative and Awesome Group of kiddos and they will all be missed. :/

Another year of fun stuff down the tube…now back to life.

Well, for me…book edits…Yup, still workin’ on em. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂


I’m on a Twenty One Pilots Binge and I was gettin’ all misty eyed as I listened to this and typed about the end of this wonderful class and thinkin’ about two of them graduating in a month. :’)


Twenty One Pilots~ Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love Cover



Just Doin’ That Writin’ Thang…

I decided to drop in for a quick chittie-chat before I get back to writin-drawin-writin-sketchin-writin-paintin-writin-writin-writin. Lols 😉

I’m pushing to get my book completely typed out and into the hands of my Beta Readers by Friday…Ack!  😮

I’m sure I can do it…In between fitting in school, meeting my Lovely editor friend for lunch, grocery shopping at BJ’s, stopping at home to put away said groceries and throw together supper, meeting with my Scribes friends in the evening, and fitting in baking some cookies somewhere in between that entire mess…Oy!  😀

So far I’ve created 2 new robot characters for my series and started 3 more books in the series….cause ya know I’m not done with the first one yet…Oy Vey Everyone!

Well, I better get back to it…well back to something or other.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you hard workin’ internet peeps attempting to finish a project and just getting sidetracked at every turn like me?  Leave a line or 2 in the box below.

Happy Times at the Finish Line! 😀


It’s that time of year again…

It’s the time of year when my brain turns toward G-rowin’ things! 😀

It's Gardenin' Time

At my new house I need to do mostly container gardening so I’m starting early looking at books for In-spi-ration…said like Spongebob with Rainbows and hearts. Lol

I’ve been going through my basement searching for my gardening books…I have books on container gardening…somewhere down there. 🙂

I also recruited the help of a lovely friend who is All Green Thumbs and Garden Goodness to cast a fresh eye on my mediocre piles of outdoor accoutrements and see what magic she can work to bring some Spring renewal to my yard.

My efforts in the past have been Incredibly lack luster. 🙂

With the new addition of  The Amazing Appearing Fence in the backyard and the disappearance of  The Receding Hedge Line , the yard looks a lot bigger and the fence is a huge white blank wall. 😮

So, hopefully next time I post some pics of the yardage it will go from yard-crud to yard-cool. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.-  Any Outdoor lovin’ gardeners out there in internet land thinkin’ spring like me?  Leave a comment or 3 in the box below as usual. 😉

Happy Springin’ !! 😀

Oodles of Doodles…

Ohhhh my goodness!!! To Quote a friend.  😉

My lesson was soooo Awesome Sauce!!  😀
I had Such a wonderful time and learned Lots!  😮

I learned all about faces…Scary!  😮 😮
It’s cool…. I got this. Whew!  😀

So, I will be drawing many, many faces from now until next Wednesday when I have my next lesson.
I also have to draw 5 objects everyday using ink and NO pencil. Ack!!  😮 😮 😮

By the way, here’s Mr. Joe’s Website if you’re interested…

Stained Paper Studio
Facebook~ Stained Paper Studio

Soooooo, I’m off to Doodle, Doodle, Doodle….and doodle some more. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I will share some of my more interesting Doodles….when I actually have some fascinating Doodles to share. Lol
Happy Oodles of Doodles! 😀

Books, Books, and More Books…

I loooove books.  My love for books has gotten me into trouble more than once with my hubby.  Not that he has anything against books, reading, gathering knowledge, etc.  It’s just that I sort of collect books.  I enjoy books aaaand I’m a homeschooler…a very bad mix.

With our access to curriculum sales, curriculum stores, and our massive web of book informants ready to share information with each other about the next awesome deal they know of that we would just love.

I have piles of books sitting in inconspicuous corners of the room because my book shelves are overly full.  I love old books, new books, art books, fiction books, non-fiction books, well just about any kind of book actually. 😀

And of course I love borrowing books from the library just as much as I love collecting my own books. 🙂

Librarians unsung superheroes of the world.  😀

My hubby was complaining because he went to sit in his chair in the living room and found it full of library books.  He cleared off the books, then went to put up his feet on our matching hassock, but there were books there as well. Lol 😮

But I can’t help it, I love books, my randomkids love books, even the hubster likes books…they just happen to be Exercise books. Lol 😉


The Bluemoonthinker 🙂

P.S.-  Anyone else out there in blogalog land have a book collecting problem too?   Leave me a line or 5 in the comment box below. 😀

Happy Book “Collecting” 😉



My Binge-ing issues have gotten wayyy out of control now.

I was at the library today and for the third time in a week I’ve gone over my 100 book limit.

Again, have I mentioned how rockin’ the library is? Aaaaand have you hugged your local librarian yet? …Super heroes of the book world, ya know. 😉

I’ve read 6 books in the last four hours and boy is my brain tired. Lol  Just kidding, I could read a ton more. 😀

My favorite book of the night so far?

Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck

A quick excerpt~

Electra Dietz
Here Lies the Librarian
After Years of Service,
Tried and True,
Heaven Stamped Her—

My second favorite book of the night?

The Odds of Getting Even by Sheila Turnage

I Love her other two books in the series. They are soooo funny.

Well, while my hubby binge watches Agents of Smash on Netflix, I am starting another book. Lol
So, off I go a reading.

Have an adventure filled evening. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone reading a coolio book right now? Leave me a title or two in the comments. I’m always ready for a knew book or five to read. 😀
Happy Reading. 🙂



Random Writing Under a Blue Moon…

Okay, so as you might be able to tell from my other blogs… if anyone has seen them all, my apologies to you now… I am a homeschoolin’ mom, a dabbling writer wanna be, and a wayyyy Randomness type ADD individual…oh, and I am a self diagnosed Aspie, and that is some serious fodder for another post. Lol

So, I am currently working on a children’s book series. I’ve finished book one’s writing…not the edits, I’m still workin’ on those….Ooooo, comma splice!  Again!  See I’m slooooowly learning Wooly Gal. 😉

Anyhoo, I’ve already begun writing the second book in the series and have parts written for books 3 and 4…remember the ADD description from up there?…let’s just say it Reeeeally comes out in my writing..if you couldn’t tell that from the mess over on my Stories Blog. Oy.

Okay, so I’m writing, but I also am a dabbler wanna be artist/illustrator.

I LOVE Art!  There are No Rules, at least not in my mind…those who want to argue the topic talk to all of those Modern Art and Folk Art peeps.

Soooo, because I’m a wanna be illustrator I decided to illustrate my own book(s)…Yes, I’m working on waaaaay more books than just the kids series I’m currently blogging about.  My Writing Folder looks more miscellaneous and unending than the Jetson’s Food-A-Rack-A-Cycle when it’s on the fritz! 😮

While I was stuck inside from the Snow-tastrophe of 2016, I worked on my illustrations.  Studying various techniques, reading about other illustrators and authors, and just tons of other general arty farty type stuff.

I checked out more than my allotted 100 books from the library.  I love our librarians…superheroes of the book world, have you hugged your local librarian today??

I’m doing a ton of research on a bunch of stuff.  Not only for my writing and illustrating, but also on genre styles and what’s already out there…sizing up the and of course we are ALWAYS researching Something for Homeschool…Earthquakes this time, particularly the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.  More on that Here.

Back to my illustration research…

This is the pile of books I started out with:

pile 1

I narrowed it down to this:

book pile2

Not too bad.  About half the pile is gone. 😀

So, I figured out that I definitely want to try Inks and Watercolor along with Scrap Techniques for possibly the backgrounds.  I guess time will tell how I do.

I also picked out some illustration ideas for a smattering of my other books.  I have sticky notes and tags all throughout that pile.  I Love the library!! 😀

You know what else I learned?  Not every illustrator went to art school, was a professional artist, started out life wanting to be an illustrator, was good at art, or even had tried their hand at writing before.  So, I’m gonna go for it no matter what and have tons of fun in the process.  Destinations change, but the journey lasts a lifetime. 🙂

I will keep ya’ll updated on how it goes.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in internet land dabble in writing or art?  Drop a comment or 2 in the box.

Happy Creating! 😀

P.S.S.- Just a quick shout out…yes, it’s throwback Thurs. on a Tues…to:

Penumbra Haiku  🙂

I’ve been practicing my Artiness Mojo inspired by your Totes Awesome Haikus !!

You Rock! 🙂


The basement floods at midnight… A true story

The Basement Floods at Midnight

Once upon a Sunday night at 3ish o’clock in the early am, the Blue Moon Sleeper was awoken from a deep and restful slumber. “What, who, where, why?,” she snorted most ungracefully upon being disturbed from her rest. She needed to attend to her constitutional in the most urgent way… too much lemonade before bed I suppose. She popped out of bed like an over brown piece of bread out of a toaster, and blundered her way around the room barking her toes on the bed rollers as she went. Feeling her way out of the room and to the bathroom, she opened the door and was immediately blinded by the nightlight plugged into the wall above the counter and shining more intensely than the sun in the Serengeti Desert. Stumbling back in surprise and shock, her eyes tearing and watering from the sudden onslaught of light and her bathroom visit totally forgotten, she lurched into the kitchen. As she wiped her eyes, she suddenly heard the voice of the Lord clearly say, “Go into the basement.” Without question she walked over to the basement, opened the door and walked down the steps. As if waking from a dream she attempted to focus on why she was in the basement and what she was supposed to be looking for… when she saw it. No, her eyes must be playing tricks on her, she rubbed them, blinked and looked again. Sure enough there it was plain as day on the floor in front of her, water and lots of it.  It’s windy trail snaked out from under the door to the outside and meandered into the basement. Realization dawned on her, the Bilco doors must have been left open and the torrential rains of the evening must have overwhelmed the tiny space forcing the water to enter the only place it could, the basement. In the next moment she was filled with dread as her eyes began to focus on the path of the small stream, her books! She ran up the stairs and gently but urgently shook her husband’s sleeping form. She explained what had happened, and with many apologies for leaving the door open and not following his own quiet urging from the Lord earlier that evening, he began unstacking boxes of books to get to the wet bottom layer of boxes. The Blue Moon Sleeper turned on a fan and set the dehumidifier to high and prepared a space for her beloved books to dry out. Her husband carried the first and wettest box over to where she stood waiting and dumped the first load out.  She feverishly thumbed through each book noting with relief that the wettest box didn’t have anything of real value in it.  With thanks to the Lord, she continued laying out the wettest albums and papers out to dry out in the breeze from the fan. Her husband brought over 3 boxes in all, each less and less wetter than the first.  She pulled all the books out looking them over thoroughly.  With palpable relief she sighed, “No real casualties to speak of.” “I’m sorry again,” intoned her husband feeling upset and foolish. “It’s okay, I’m just grateful that the Lord woke me when he did and sent me down to the basement to stop the flood.” she said happily. The Blue Moon Sleeper and her husband, satisfied that all was taken care of went back up to their room and drifted off into slumber. The Lord had routed the flood and the basement was dry as a bone by the next evening. The Blue Moon Sleeper hadn’t lost a single book and the basement was back to its original form. ~ Thank you Lord, just like the Wedding at Cana, you care about the little things…even my books.

Phillipians 4:19- And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂