Say Hello to my little friend…

cream of tartar


Cream of Tartar cleans stuff?!  What?!

Right?  I know what you mean.  My mind is soooo blown right now.  I was dutifully cleaning my oven so that I could be semi-prepared for my landlord to come in and not say…

“Oh, my goodness!!  What have you done to our beautiful oven…..Wait, didn’t it used to be White!  *she runs away screaming in horror*

I am joking, it’s not That bad.

I do clean my oven quite regularly.  Like any other person in the world with a mother that Actually visits the house.  I make sure 3 places are immaculate in my house at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and any other time I know my mom is coming over to eat and/or spend quality time with her grandkiddos.

… The Bathroom (Because there is nothing worse than walking into the bathroom to find your mother with her head over the pot, toilet scrubber in hand and yelling, “What exactly do you use on your toilet to “clean” it.”)

… The Microwave (Actually I clean this even if my mom isn’t Eating at our house, she always finds a reason to open it and comment on the state of the insides.  How does she do that, is she like sitting in the car with a list?  “Microwave…yes, check the microwave.  Got it.”)

… And of course my Stovetop (My mom has even checked the under part.  Not to sound Incredibly Stupid but I didn’t even KNOW there was an under part until she showed me.  I was like, “What?!  The top flips up?  Like a car hood?!?!  ~”Yeah Frank, the gal with the GE Hotpoint says it’s low on oil, would you clean the engine before your done?  She says her mom has a thing about grease.”~  Oy vey everyone, Oy vey!)

Anyhoo, back to my stovetop cleaning.  I remembered somewhere back in the dark recesses of my mind my mom had told me about using cream of tartar on those silver hot plate grease catchy things & the inside of the oven.

I had just bought 2 teeny tiny containers of the stuff. (that’s the only size they come in apparently around here…you know the size.  The one that you accidentally shove to the back of the cupboard so that you are always buying more of it cause you think you don’t have any…of course you really have like 15 of them hiding in the back of the cupboard just waiting to be found when you move to a new house….or decide to Spring Clean……….Hahahahahahahahaha!  Whooooo!  Spring Clean!  Good One!  Wipin a tear on that one. Whooooo!)

Okay, so I bought cream of tartar to make this bread stuff called Cloud Bread…I’m off grain…but those two topics are fodder for another post.

So, I soak my used to be silverish hot plate grease catchy things. (Good grief, I am such a dopey house wife, I don’t even know what those things are called, apparently I failed kitchen knowledge 101….Well, actually I did fail Home Ec, but again that is fodder for SEVERAL blog posts.)

I’m  gonna cut to the chase (pics) because apparently I am in a rambly kinda mood today. Lol

So here is the pic of my Sans cream of tartar hot plate things.  Again, I had just soaked them for about 3 hours in hot soapy water and scrubbed them with soap, a scrub brush and a scrub pad and they still looked like K-rap!



But wait, there’s more. Lol  Always, wanted to say that. 😉

Now, with the A-Mazing Cream of Tartar they came out like this.  I didn’t even scrub hard because my arms were worn out from trying to get them to look like the above specimen. 😮

Aaand these were not nice and clean when we moved in, so not only did we get our crud off but the previous tenants too.  Double 😮 😮



There’s even a little bit of the one I hadn’t scrubbed yet sticking out from the bottom of the pic to show the diff.  Triple 😮 😮 😮

Here’s how my Little grease catchy things came out… Of course they look better because they don’t get used Quite so hard. 😀



So there you have it folks. 😀

Maybe you too will harness the power of…. Cream of Tartar!!



The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

PS- Coming soon…The secret powers of Lemon, Vinegar, and Olive Oil.  Duh, duh, duuuuuuuuuh!!  😀

Do you have any secret cleaning powers using everyday products?  Well, what are you waiting for, spill em!  😉   Share your cleaning secret in the comment section below.  🙂

Secret Cleaning Powers Unite!!!!  *Insert fav. super hero emoji here*





Fall Cleaning…

cleaning day

This weekend we are “Fall Cleaning.”

It is taking forever! Who knew that kiddos could have soooo many teeny tiny toy pieces…everywhere!

The downstairs looks halfway nice and halfway not….the upstairs….well….not so much of the halfway nice mostly all halfway not.

So of course, what am I doing? Binge watching Care Bears & Cousins…by the way, now I want a Grumpy Bear for Christmas!! 😀

Anyhoo, I guess I better get my lazy butt up and out of this chair and stop staring at all of these adorably cute care bears.
Ack! I’m rhyming, yep definitely gotta get up or all of this rhyming will never let up.
Uh-oh, now I’m really stuck, I’m gonna get off the net now and go do some cleaning.
Cause all of the rhyming has my mind really reeling.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

A Clean House…

My House Was Clean Last Week...

Ok, there is a reason that I have this sign hanging in my house!  To cover days like today.  😮

My hubby was home today.  Yay! for me, but Not Yay! for my schedule.  When the hubster is home from work that saying, “Carefully laid plans of mice and Wo-men,” apply.  I absolutely LOVE having my hubby home, but I usually don’t get anything done all day.  When dad is home everyone in the house goes into vacation mode…including me. :/

So, today my house looked like a Grouches’ Holiday Inn…imagine the bad guys house from Elmo in Grouchland.

My living room was covered in assorted piles of the 98 books we currently have checked out of the library, my couch and loveseat were covered in unfolded but clean laundry, and every possible flat surface to set something on was littered in Homeschool Prep Paperwork.

I won’t even begin to go into detail about my kitchen!   Let’s just say I’d been neglecting it for a day or two. 😦

So, after a fun filled day of staycay vaycay, I had to come back in for a landing on Reality Island.  It was almost dinner time and I had to cook.  Whoopee.

Since today was National Hotdog Day, I decided to make hotdog’s for supper.  Yummo!

After running thru the kitchen with a scrubby and my awesome lemon spray, I began the task of making supper.

Hotdogs check, Green beans checkarooni, baked potatoes got it.

Everything was coming along nicely when out of the blue my microwave shuts off.  I was like, What? Hello?

Long and short of it, I ended up calling the landlord, turns out the problem was just a tripped breaker, but the breaker panel was labeled wrong and hilarious phone call tag ensued with the land lord.

In the end, they decide to show up at our house to check out the circuit breaker, unbeknownst to us.

Remember the, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” bit from the beginning?

My landlord was coming into my house for the first time…I hadn’t met her face to face, just spoke with her over the phone…and here I was in the middle of a house that looked like an extra on the set of the Wizard of Oz tornado shoot, and me in all of my, frizzed up hair plopped on top of my head in an Extremely messy updo, wearin my oldest Tshirt and shorts that I own, you know the Do Not wear That out of the house Ever be-cause it has a hole Where?!, outfitted glory!

This was the convo:

Landlord: “We’re outside in the driveway.”

Me: “Oh, Okay.”  said with a forced smile thru clenched teeth.  😀

Landlord: “See you in a bit.”

Me: *Click*  Ack!! Oh, my gosh babe, the landlord is coming here, IS here Now in our Driveway!  Quick put the laundry in a basket, oh my goodness the kitchen!  Holy cow! I don’t have a bra on!!


Me: Wait, don’t answer the…….door. *sigh*  Helllooooo, I don’t believe we’ve met yet. 😀  Big smiles everyone, Big smiles.

Oy Vey!

I decided something while I was cleaning up the house, after they left.

I am taking, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” sign and hanging it on the Front Door!!


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂