Cooking, Typing, and Cheerin’ up a Friend…

So it’s been a fun and Ridiculously busy week!  Writing?  Ha!  What writing!

Arty-ing?  Ha!  What is that…although ALL of my stuff is sitting right where I left it from last week’s Create Date. Lols

…Okay,  scratch that last comment…I did go over to a friend’s house this week and she let me play with her Calligraphy set.  Thank you random citizen!  ;)-

Side note:  I’ve decided to learn calligraphy in my spare time..rofls! that I can use it in my picture books.  I think it will look Waaay cool with the watercolor or pencil or whatever it is I end up using on a book.

But back to my topic… Cooking, Typing, and Cheering up a Friendee.

Yesterday I was minding my own business…trying to finish up supper so I could attend my weekly Writer’s group Scribes Oasis.  When I was tagged by a friend to get in on a Rootin’ Tootin’ Sticker Party on Facebook.

That’s my Favorite activity on FB by the way…well, that and reposting comics, funny memes, exercise workouts, and grain-free foodie recipes. 😀

Now, I had a Wonderful time at the party, but sadly my supper did Not.

I burned my chicken twice…because some parties turn into Craziness.  This one did.  There were so many threads to keep track of.  When I finally got out to the kitchen my chicken was feeling a bit singed and tired of the whole FB thing.

So, I finished up my crispy chicken and threw in some garlicky green beans….Of course they were caught up in the whole Facebook party as well and took a turn at feeling overdone a bit…okay maybe blackened a smidge.

The fam said that it all tasted fine in the end, my friendee had a happy time on FB, and I was inspired to write this blog post. 😀

All’s well that ends well, and friends first – food second right?? Ha!  XD

Tomorrow I will be heading to the kick off of our Lancaster Christian Writer’s Group.  Hopefully I learn something fun.  😀

More on that Monday.


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.-  Always remember to attend any and all Facebook Sticker Wars, Partays, or Throw Downs.  They are heaps of fun and everyone Always has a great time.  Friends first- Food second.  Viva  La Stickers!!

Crud!  I think I just burned the bacon!  XD

Happy Overdone-ness! 😀


Facebook, Twitter, and Other Random Topics…

random thought of the day

Query for all you guys and gals out there in internet land.

Query #1….That is a number sign, not a hashtag.  😉

What is the good and/or purpose of Facebook?

I am currently not on Facebook and whenever I ask people if I should make the jump and Facepalm…I mean book.  I get a wayyyy diff answer from every person.  So, I am not sure what to do.

I finally cut out time specifically just to blog…I blog to keep my mind fresh and my imagination sparkly clean (like brushing your teeth, without the toothpaste and floss…hmmm…never mind)

Let’s not even mention the …Pinterest…word… last I checked I was up to 12,600 something pins….yes, people I have a Pinning problem…I’m forming a group, we pin about our problems…you know, hair of the dog that bit ya kinda thing. 😀

I also have a Massive Netflix Binge-watching Ish aaaaand Youtube is not too far behind.

One thing all of the people I talked to about Facebook had in common was that they all said it was Highly addictive.  Considering how many Ishes I have already in that department, this ADD is good for me gal, does Not want to add anymore weight to the addiction side of the scale.

Also, I must say that I’m prob a doofus for admitting this, but I really don’t get the  whole Twitter thing.  I’m not sure how it works, or if I’d feel guilt for bugging everyone with my tweets.  At least the blogs ya’ll can Choose to look at them if you wish to and/or need a good laugh at someone else’s expense.  But with Twitter, I feel as if I’d be Forcing my Randomness on everyone….Not that kinda force, although nice if you went there. Lol

….May the Tweets be with you!  Use the Tweets Luke, use the Tweets!  Oy and Lol

So, anyone out there use Twitter or Facebook?  Or as my hubby calls them Twitface. 😉

If you have any insights to share or just a Random Star Wars line… drop a comment off in the inbox.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂