Thursday Thirteen….

My friend from over at Sue’s Nook linked me to this fun idea and I thought I’d give it a go.

Thirteen things to cross off my to do list….but probably won’t. 😉

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

No, it’s not what you’re thinking.

It’s not Christmas yet, although most retail stores will have us thinking it is soon enough. :/

For those of us in the homeschool business it’s the time when we are getting serious about school.

Sure some of us start school in July, but that’s usually easy going if we get to it today, great kinda days.

But now, now is the time for Doin’ School.  Getttin’ er done everyday without fail.

Whoo!!! Smell that?  That’s the smell of pencil lead in the morning, overheating laptops at noon, and sweaty phys ed playin’ kiddos in the afternoon.

Come on year!  I’m ready for ya.

Four more years!  Four more years!

Well, I’m off to teach a cooking class…How to avoid grease splatter and other helpful tips.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- It’s Schooltime Baby!! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!  Can I get a fistpound? ;)-

Anyone out there in Internet Land start school yet?  Public, private, cyber, homeschool, or any I’m missing?  Leave a comment or 2 in the box below. 🙂

Happy Schoolsville man. 😀


I thought this post needed some inspirational music so…

My Very First Writer Interview…

Hello everyone out there in internet landio.

I was asked to do a Writer Interview on a lovely friend’s blog the other day.

It was Extremely fun and I wanted to post it on my page as well. 😀

I will post a snippet on my blog, then please buzz on over to Tuna’s Cafe to finish the rest. 😀

Please take a moment to peruse the menu while your visiting the Cafe.  Kristina, the proprietor and inventive wordsmith of the business, has a variety of Creative Dishes to sample. 🙂

So without further ado~

Living a Creative Lifestyle with The Bluemoon Thinker

Hello there, my name is The Bluemoon Thinker ~AKA~ Mandy Perfetto.  I’m a homeschooling mom, and newbie in all the following:





Random blogger

And generalized re-discoverer of doing cool things in my life.

I was asked by a Very Creative friend of mine…the Tuna inspired proprietor of this Online Café of sorts, to write something about living a creative lifestyle for her blog.

Her request made me think a bit…a very scary place to be for me.  Anyhoo, it brought me to an interesting pattern of thought.  Do I live a creative lifestyle?  What does that creative lifestyle look like to other people?

…For more please click on the Title below.

Living a Creative Lifestyle with The Bluemoon Thinker


Me 🙂

P.S.- Happy Interviewing!! 😀

Leapin Leap Days…

Happy Leap Day!  😀

It’s a lovely day outside and I am inside enjoying the sun streaming through my windows like a cat stretched out on a windowsill. Lol 😉

After a fun home school day with my Out of the Box group and having the Randomkids get out a ton of energy running around outside like crazykiddos, I am busy doodling, researching, and writing. Yay!

The Randomkids…sufficiently tired out… are happy and off in Gamer Land.  Typical teenyboppers nowadays. 😉  Lol

I thanked my hubby this weekend for allowing me to doodle, write, take pics, and create to my hearts content. 🙂

He laughed and said that he didn’t do anything different to “allow” me to do more, he pointed out that now at the end of my day, after home school, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and errands.  I actually choose to doodle, write, take pictures, and create to my hearts content instead of binge watching Netflix, binge reading books, Pinning, or otherwise surfing the net. Lol  😉

I was stumped for a bit while I thought on that.  Wowsers!  How comes I never realized how much time I was sitting away. 😮 😮

To which he chuckled again and pointed out that when I had my garden at my other house I was always outside and digging somewhere and planting something instead of sitting inside. 😮  Shock face again…I had forgotten about that. Lol   Yes, I have terrible short term, long term, and overall memory. 😉 😀

Yesterday, we went hiking with friends and What an Awesome Time I had!!!  We hiked on this cool little trail and then I took like 350 pictures. Rofl!!  😀

I told them, the next time we go hiking Don’t let me bring the camera!  😮 😮 🙂

I had soooo much fun and again I thanked the hubby for being a good sport and coming along even though he had no idea when, where, or what we were doing…I set it up and had neglected to tell him till the last minute that we were doing anything…those short term memory ishes again. Lols  😉

His response was his usual chuckle followed by a few wise words. Oy Vey

He reminded me how when we were first married I Loved hiking and would get his couch potatoe butt up off the couch to go out in the woods for a walk.  I had forgotten all about that part of me.  Especially considering he is the exercise guru in the family…as far as I see it at least. Lol

Random Ponder Moment~  Having kids kinda changes everything in your life.  You spend so much time…consecutive years actually…with your mind on doing kid type things that you tend to forget all about doing You type things.

You tend to battle with yourself thinking that you need to keep doing everything for the kiddos and you just keep putting yourself on the back burner.  Cause it will be your time soon enough, but after awhile you tend to forget who You are. 🙂

So, I am going through a new time in my life I guess and rediscovering everything I’ve forgotten about Me……..and havin’ a ton of fun along the way!! 😀


Is anyone out there in Internet Land experiencing some new directions in their life?  Or maybe just havin a fun time trying something new?

Leave a line or 4 in the box.


Write about it and leave me a link to your coolio blurb. 🙂

Happy Leap to You!!  😀








Writers Gotta Write…

Awhile back I briefly mentioned a writers group that I meet with weekly.

We call ourselves Scribes Oasis and we meet every week pretty much without fail at local cafés in our area. In fact, even if there is a holiday on our set day, we move our meeting to another day. Lol  We do our writing nights, but we also do other fun stuff like our social days…we did a Writers Up All Night party…that was Awesome… and we just had a Writers Day Away… up at one of our members houses…Totes fun too!!!…But I digress. Lol 🙂

It is Really weird, but there is just Something about writing in a group with other writers. I mean we just sit around working on our own stuff, busily typing away, and sipping on coffee…well, I’m sipping on cocoa…coffee Bleh.

Anyhoo… We recently acquired a new addition to our group…so far we have 7 members of our little writing band…Each of us is interested in writing about different genres and we are all different ages, but that’s the whole fun of it.  Every one of us brings something coolio to the group. 😀

So anyway, our newbie had asked me, so what do you do at this writing group….I had to think about it for a minute…well, what do we do at our group other than write, sip hot drinks, and eat yummy snacks…in my mind that pretty much sums it up. Lol  😉

But as I started talking I realized that we do sooo much more. One of our crew who drives an entire Hour to come write with us biweekly 😮 …had commented one time, there’s just something about writing with all you crazy people. Lol

It’s screwy…If someone needs a synonym they shout it out and we all busily look up something suitable. If we’re having trouble wording a sentence we announce it to the air and several ideas ping back in our  direction. We even critique each others work or just help fine tune a paragraph or two on the spot.

It’s waaay awesome being in a room with a bunch of other like minded wackos. 😀

The group has been such a hit that my Randomkids want in on the action. They had taken a writing class at co-op with other kids who enjoyed writing. For reasons out of their control, they had to drop the class, but they are starting a writing group of their own. 🙂  They are extremely excited for their first meeting, and they figure for however long it lasts…They will just enjoy the writing ride. 😀

The latest project we’ve been working on for Our Scribes Oasis Group is a way for us to all connect on the blogosphere.  So some of the kiddos of our Scribes Oasis group members submitted ideas for a Scribes Oasis Logo.

I am attempting to meld some of the ideas together to create a Button…those dernafern teeny tiny buttons again. 😮  Lol
We will see how they come out.

Here’s my first attempt so far…

Scribes Button Pic

I’m sure there will be Many more attempts to come….cause I am soooo not satisfied with this try….the buttons are sooooooooooo tiny!  Lol

I’m certain I’ll get it figured out sometime this millennium. Lol

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in Internet Land part of a group involving a pastime you love?
Drop me a line or 4 in the box as per usual.

Latahs and Happy Gathering! 😀