Create Date Awesomeness!!!

Yesterday I had a way cool Create Date with two lovely friends. 😀

We are all interested in writing, art, photography, and just all around in general Creative Type Stuff!  So we came up with an idea to have a Create Date.

How it works-

Everyone brings stuff that they would like to work on that they normally wouldn’t take the time to do on their own.

You know how those annoying excuses crop up to keep us away from being creative like:

I just cleaned the house and I don’t want to get it all messy again.


If I pull everything out I will want to let it sit out for a day or two while everything dries/hardens/insert other arty type term and then we won’t have a kitchen table to sit at.


I don’t want to pull the art stuff out for just Me, do I??


Kids: Look, Mom just pulled out the art stuff!

Me: No, wait…

Kids: Dog-pile!!

Me: Aaarrgh…blub..blub..blub.

…I don’t know what sound effect describes being drowned in kids. 😉

Anyhoo, so just us ladies got together and had a fun day of creativity!

I practiced some new art techniques that I’d like to use in the future with my books, one of my friends continued work on her poetry chapbook and experimented with watercolors, and my last friendee that came worked on a beautiful paper collage. 😀

I Absolutely enjoyed my time with my way imaginative friends.  There is something amazing about being creative in the company of a group of friends.

Whether it is writing with my wonderful Scribes Oasis friends or Creating with the ladeez yesterday, I feel inspired, challenged, and energized to express my artistic self more freely and easily.

I know it sounds kind of weird, but it is an uplifting event when you are around people with the same interests.  😀

I’m looking forward to our next meet-up in October.  We are going up north to visit a Hobby Lobby.  I’ve never been to one before!  Yay!  I’m soo excited!!  Hyper-Whoot! 😀 😀

…Sorry, I’m easily amused. Lols  XD

A smattering of what I worked on yesterday…

A Random Doodle turned Psychedelic Larryboy by Complete accident. XD



Two More Worthy efforts…and without the Trippy Larryboy, I wouldn’t have gotten the color combos down. 😀  Thank you strange Larryboy Doodle. XD

Mandala-esque Practice on Watercolor Wash with Color Sharpie Markers~


Mandala-esque Practice on Watercolor Wash with Sharpie Black Only~



The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  I know I’ve asked this before, but at the expense of repeating myself. ;)-

Do any of you out there in internet land have Creative-Type Groups that you’re involved in?  Do you feel that they enhance your originality or innovativeness?  Please leave a line or 3 in the comment box below. 🙂

Later Taters and Happy Creating!! 😀



Writers Gotta Write…

Awhile back I briefly mentioned a writers group that I meet with weekly.

We call ourselves Scribes Oasis and we meet every week pretty much without fail at local cafés in our area. In fact, even if there is a holiday on our set day, we move our meeting to another day. Lol  We do our writing nights, but we also do other fun stuff like our social days…we did a Writers Up All Night party…that was Awesome… and we just had a Writers Day Away… up at one of our members houses…Totes fun too!!!…But I digress. Lol 🙂

It is Really weird, but there is just Something about writing in a group with other writers. I mean we just sit around working on our own stuff, busily typing away, and sipping on coffee…well, I’m sipping on cocoa…coffee Bleh.

Anyhoo… We recently acquired a new addition to our group…so far we have 7 members of our little writing band…Each of us is interested in writing about different genres and we are all different ages, but that’s the whole fun of it.  Every one of us brings something coolio to the group. 😀

So anyway, our newbie had asked me, so what do you do at this writing group….I had to think about it for a minute…well, what do we do at our group other than write, sip hot drinks, and eat yummy snacks…in my mind that pretty much sums it up. Lol  😉

But as I started talking I realized that we do sooo much more. One of our crew who drives an entire Hour to come write with us biweekly 😮 …had commented one time, there’s just something about writing with all you crazy people. Lol

It’s screwy…If someone needs a synonym they shout it out and we all busily look up something suitable. If we’re having trouble wording a sentence we announce it to the air and several ideas ping back in our  direction. We even critique each others work or just help fine tune a paragraph or two on the spot.

It’s waaay awesome being in a room with a bunch of other like minded wackos. 😀

The group has been such a hit that my Randomkids want in on the action. They had taken a writing class at co-op with other kids who enjoyed writing. For reasons out of their control, they had to drop the class, but they are starting a writing group of their own. 🙂  They are extremely excited for their first meeting, and they figure for however long it lasts…They will just enjoy the writing ride. 😀

The latest project we’ve been working on for Our Scribes Oasis Group is a way for us to all connect on the blogosphere.  So some of the kiddos of our Scribes Oasis group members submitted ideas for a Scribes Oasis Logo.

I am attempting to meld some of the ideas together to create a Button…those dernafern teeny tiny buttons again. 😮  Lol
We will see how they come out.

Here’s my first attempt so far…

Scribes Button Pic

I’m sure there will be Many more attempts to come….cause I am soooo not satisfied with this try….the buttons are sooooooooooo tiny!  Lol

I’m certain I’ll get it figured out sometime this millennium. Lol

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in Internet Land part of a group involving a pastime you love?
Drop me a line or 4 in the box as per usual.

Latahs and Happy Gathering! 😀