Leapin Leap Days…

Happy Leap Day!  😀

It’s a lovely day outside and I am inside enjoying the sun streaming through my windows like a cat stretched out on a windowsill. Lol 😉

After a fun home school day with my Out of the Box group and having the Randomkids get out a ton of energy running around outside like crazykiddos, I am busy doodling, researching, and writing. Yay!

The Randomkids…sufficiently tired out… are happy and off in Gamer Land.  Typical teenyboppers nowadays. 😉  Lol

I thanked my hubby this weekend for allowing me to doodle, write, take pics, and create to my hearts content. 🙂

He laughed and said that he didn’t do anything different to “allow” me to do more, he pointed out that now at the end of my day, after home school, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and errands.  I actually choose to doodle, write, take pictures, and create to my hearts content instead of binge watching Netflix, binge reading books, Pinning, or otherwise surfing the net. Lol  😉

I was stumped for a bit while I thought on that.  Wowsers!  How comes I never realized how much time I was sitting away. 😮 😮

To which he chuckled again and pointed out that when I had my garden at my other house I was always outside and digging somewhere and planting something instead of sitting inside. 😮  Shock face again…I had forgotten about that. Lol   Yes, I have terrible short term, long term, and overall memory. 😉 😀

Yesterday, we went hiking with friends and What an Awesome Time I had!!!  We hiked on this cool little trail and then I took like 350 pictures. Rofl!!  😀

I told them, the next time we go hiking Don’t let me bring the camera!  😮 😮 🙂

I had soooo much fun and again I thanked the hubby for being a good sport and coming along even though he had no idea when, where, or what we were doing…I set it up and had neglected to tell him till the last minute that we were doing anything…those short term memory ishes again. Lols  😉

His response was his usual chuckle followed by a few wise words. Oy Vey

He reminded me how when we were first married I Loved hiking and would get his couch potatoe butt up off the couch to go out in the woods for a walk.  I had forgotten all about that part of me.  Especially considering he is the exercise guru in the family…as far as I see it at least. Lol

Random Ponder Moment~  Having kids kinda changes everything in your life.  You spend so much time…consecutive years actually…with your mind on doing kid type things that you tend to forget all about doing You type things.

You tend to battle with yourself thinking that you need to keep doing everything for the kiddos and you just keep putting yourself on the back burner.  Cause it will be your time soon enough, but after awhile you tend to forget who You are. 🙂

So, I am going through a new time in my life I guess and rediscovering everything I’ve forgotten about Me……..and havin’ a ton of fun along the way!! 😀


Is anyone out there in Internet Land experiencing some new directions in their life?  Or maybe just havin a fun time trying something new?

Leave a line or 4 in the box.


Write about it and leave me a link to your coolio blurb. 🙂

Happy Leap to You!!  😀









Has an Entire Year Already Passed By Since I Last Visited?

Oh my Goodness!!  What a year.

I have come to a new place in my life…Literally, we moved to a new domicile. I have a Senior and an 8th grader…One ready to make the leap into the new existence that we like to call adulthood and the other one year away from dare I say it, High School.  And most exciting of all, a good friend of mine encouraged me to start writing again…Somewhere along the line I bought into the idea that the definition of being a “good” wife and mother is doing something for everyone else but yourself.  :/

Not an idea that my hubby supports, but sometimes thoughts, beliefs, and ideals in homeschooling culture can be very persuasive.

Anyhoo, all that to say, I’m back. 😀

So, in the words of Joe Cool, “Be yourself. No one can say you’re doing it wrong.”

Amen Snoopy


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂