Midweek Musings 8/2…

Another Underrated Humpday is already upon us.  😮  🙂

The post for this week?

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Weekend Inspiration~ Imagine, Create, Inspire …Repeat…

Hello, all of you lovely internet land dwellers. 😀

As an artist and a writer, I’m always on the look out for things that will ignite new ideas in my mind.

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Life Prompts…

I was going through my homeschool stuff and found a poetry book that I didn’t know I had. Biiiig surprise there. 😉

It’s a book of 47 poetic forms, sooooo, I decided to highlight each of the forms on my Randomstories Blog…Yay! 47 days of challenging prompts. 😀 😀

47 Days of Poetry!  Hyper-Whoot!!

I’m also challenging myself to post a photo or art project every day M-F during March. Yay! …Again. More reasons to take pictures. 😉 😀

Aaaand, I am also going to attempt to….drumroll please…. combine some blogs! Ta-dah! Lol 😉

So, hopefully with all that and everything else I do, I’ll be able to keep up. We shall see what happens.

On another note…..

This morning I had a new lesson on this always moving forward Not going back pathway I’m on.

I had the proverbial don’t cry over spilled milk sitch…well actually it was spilled glass…well, broken glass….and technically there was spilled water as well. Lol

Anyhoo, my hubby spilled an entire pitcher of water all down the front of himself right before going out the door and not 15 minutes later, I spilled….er, broke a pyrex dish all over the kitchen counter, sink, and floor. Lol

So here’s the thing, in the past that would have set the tone for the entire day for me….. But keeping in mind my new baby steps out the door direction, my hubby and I had a good laugh at his own expense with the water and again at mine with the broken glass later.

…Okay, maybe I wasn’t laughing with the broken glass right away but after I had gathered myself a bit from the shock and irritation and everyone started cracking jokes about it, I felt better.
So, Baby Steps out of the broken glass. Lols!! 😉 🙂

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Taking any interesting challenges, life prompts, or have any inspirational quotes? Yes, Sci-Fi and Action Movie blurbs count. 😉
Just leave em in the box below.

Happy Spilled Milk!….. er, glass, I mean Broken glass. Lol…Wait, spilled Water…Oh good grief! Never mind. 😀

Leapin Leap Days…

Happy Leap Day!  😀

It’s a lovely day outside and I am inside enjoying the sun streaming through my windows like a cat stretched out on a windowsill. Lol 😉

After a fun home school day with my Out of the Box group and having the Randomkids get out a ton of energy running around outside like crazykiddos, I am busy doodling, researching, and writing. Yay!

The Randomkids…sufficiently tired out… are happy and off in Gamer Land.  Typical teenyboppers nowadays. 😉  Lol

I thanked my hubby this weekend for allowing me to doodle, write, take pics, and create to my hearts content. 🙂

He laughed and said that he didn’t do anything different to “allow” me to do more, he pointed out that now at the end of my day, after home school, dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and errands.  I actually choose to doodle, write, take pictures, and create to my hearts content instead of binge watching Netflix, binge reading books, Pinning, or otherwise surfing the net. Lol  😉

I was stumped for a bit while I thought on that.  Wowsers!  How comes I never realized how much time I was sitting away. 😮 😮

To which he chuckled again and pointed out that when I had my garden at my other house I was always outside and digging somewhere and planting something instead of sitting inside. 😮  Shock face again…I had forgotten about that. Lol   Yes, I have terrible short term, long term, and overall memory. 😉 😀

Yesterday, we went hiking with friends and What an Awesome Time I had!!!  We hiked on this cool little trail and then I took like 350 pictures. Rofl!!  😀

I told them, the next time we go hiking Don’t let me bring the camera!  😮 😮 🙂

I had soooo much fun and again I thanked the hubby for being a good sport and coming along even though he had no idea when, where, or what we were doing…I set it up and had neglected to tell him till the last minute that we were doing anything…those short term memory ishes again. Lols  😉

His response was his usual chuckle followed by a few wise words. Oy Vey

He reminded me how when we were first married I Loved hiking and would get his couch potatoe butt up off the couch to go out in the woods for a walk.  I had forgotten all about that part of me.  Especially considering he is the exercise guru in the family…as far as I see it at least. Lol

Random Ponder Moment~  Having kids kinda changes everything in your life.  You spend so much time…consecutive years actually…with your mind on doing kid type things that you tend to forget all about doing You type things.

You tend to battle with yourself thinking that you need to keep doing everything for the kiddos and you just keep putting yourself on the back burner.  Cause it will be your time soon enough, but after awhile you tend to forget who You are. 🙂

So, I am going through a new time in my life I guess and rediscovering everything I’ve forgotten about Me……..and havin’ a ton of fun along the way!! 😀


Is anyone out there in Internet Land experiencing some new directions in their life?  Or maybe just havin a fun time trying something new?

Leave a line or 4 in the box.


Write about it and leave me a link to your coolio blurb. 🙂

Happy Leap to You!!  😀








S-noooo-w more snow…

More Snow

More Snow….Again.
Another bit of snow is sprinkling down from the heavens today.

I do like snow, but I’m Really excited for Spring. I started drawing up ideas for planters… I can’t have a garden or plant anything in the ground at our current residence, but I Can have Planters!! 😀 Yay!

But, the snow isn’t helping with my cheery springy type thoughts. :/
I guess snow will help with water come summer, buuuuut… *sigh*
I still wish that it was spring.

At least I got some coolio pictures. That’s something. 😀
I miss our forest though, I got the Beeeest pictures Ever when we lived there. *sigh* again.  Thank goodness for our awesome barn. 🙂

Oh, well. I’m off to draw up some more happy little flowery planter ideas. XD

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone else havin’ springy-time type thoughts? Leave a comment or 2 in the box.

Happy Spring Thinking! 😀

Me and My Crazy Obsessions

Did you ever have a moment when one of your interesting past times earned you the raised eyebrow from bystanders?

I have those moments often, but I usually don’t pay much attention to them. Of course today was a bit different.

I met my fellow Out of the Box moms… that’s our little homeschool group… at our local café.

Anyhoo, one of my friends bought a hot cocoa and as soon as I saw the cup I just knew I Had to get a picture of it. She was just about to take a sip when I yelled out wait! I need to get a picture of your awesome mug of cocoa!
She was cool with it, she’s seen my strange behaviors before. Lol

So I jaunted on over to her side of the table and started taking pics of the mug, turning it, trying to get the right angle and light. Suddenly the waitress came up behind us bringing our order. She was looking at me with a squirrely eye…you know the look… but I can’t help myself! When I see a cool thing to take a pic of, I have to stop and snap a picture.
Of course I have a lot of Crazy Obsessions. Lol

If I have a good idea for writing then I have to stop what I’m doing and jot it down or record it if I’m driving. 😀
My Randomkiddos and hubby are pretty used to my little moments by now. But it is funny when I’m with a friend and I’m like, Oooooo, Hold that thought! I gotta write that down! Or I need to just jot down a quick sketch of something or I yell out wait! Did you see that!! I Have to get a pic of that!!  And they just look at me with a weird look as if to say, wait, right now? Uhhhhh, okay then. Lol

That’s what happened tonight, I was getting ready for bed and I remembered the waitress at the café this morning and thought…Me and my Crazy Obsessions. So, Voila, I had to go and write it down quick before I forgot what I wanted to say. Just me and my Crazy Obsessions. Lol 😉

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do any of you peeps out there in internet land have any Crazy Obsessions that get you the squirrely eye? Leave me a comment or 3 in the box.

P.P.S.- Here’s that pic from the cafe. 😀

cocoa moo

I know weird right? 😀

Oh, well.  Happy Obsessing! 😀

It’s the Most Wonderful Time for Senior Pics…


I’m starting a new challenge for myself.  My Randomkid the First is graduating this year.

It’s a year full of firsts actually, driving for the first time, working with dad for the first time, and getting senior pics for the first time.

Most people would hire a photographer to do their kiddos pics so that 10 years in the future their grateful progeny won’t come back to them complaining about how the light wasn’t right, or how could you let me wear that jacket, or what was the aperture setting on your El Cheapo point and click again?

But of course, I’m Not most people.  I enjoy a challenge.  😀

So, in order to give myself a Wide spread for mistakes, I decided to take pictures of Randomkid the First in each Season.  We got fall down by the skin of our teeth.

I willed a few of the leaves to stay on the trees so that we could have time to go take some pics and they did.

But the Winter portion of the pic taking is giving me some trouble.  We have just passed the 1st of January and there still is not even a single flake of snow anywhere on the ground.  We haven’t even had a hard frost so that we could go out and Pretend it snowed.  I guess I could get some snow trucked in like they do at ski resorts…no, that’s just crazy talk.

I guess we’ll see what happens.  Worse comes to worse, I could just Photoshop some snow into the pic…..Of course that little trick would entail me actually purchasing Photoshop first.


It’s all good.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

PS- Are there any other crazy parent Senior pic takers out there in internet land?  How did it go for you?  Any Pic knowledge you could drop on me?  If so, please leave me a line in the comment box.

In the meantime, I’ll be singing a song….

“Oh where, oh where, has all the snow gone.  Oh where, oh where, can it be?  Well Christmas is done and we’re speeding thru January, Oh where, oh where can it be.”

Fall Fun… In the Sun?

Fall Fun 2

Wow, is it actually November??  Cause it feels more like September!
We decided to take Senior pics for the Randomkid Firstborn while the weather holds.

It was absolutely gorgeous out!!

We decided to hit a nearby historic park. There were so many places to take pics, all I had to do was basically close my eyes and point.
Old stone buildings, gorgeous stone outcroppings, beautifully ornate trees, it was totally awesome.

The kiddos actually lasted way longer than I thought they would, in fact, Randomkid Firstborn wants to go back for round 2 of pics. Lol
So, I guess we’ll go back and see what new places we can find.
Well, hopefully the rockin’ weather lasts for awhile.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

Random Thoughts Under a Blue Moon… Literally

Blue Moon 2

I’m sure you heard about the blue moon right? Of course you did. It was totally cool, aaand I was Actually able to get pics of it. 😮
And of course I couldn’t miss a quick random thought under a blue moon riiiight? Lol 😉
So, did you check out the “blue” moon?


The Blue Moon Thinker  🙂