Perspective…Take 2

WordPress's Discover Challenge~ Perspective ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I was jumpin around on peoples blogs when I came across this coolio WordPress challenge thingie.  🙂 The challenge was all about your blogging perspective…Well, at first I was like…Cool, when I blog, I'm usually sitting at my kitchen table, so I'll take some pics out my kitchen window … Continue reading Perspective…Take 2


Life Prompts…

I was going through my homeschool stuff and found a poetry book that I didn't know I had. Biiiig surprise there. 😉 It's a book of 47 poetic forms, sooooo, I decided to highlight each of the forms on my Randomstories Blog…Yay! 47 days of challenging prompts. 😀 😀 ... 47 Days of Poetry!  Hyper-Whoot!! … Continue reading Life Prompts…

The Amazing Appearing Fence

Wowsers! I woke up this morning to sporadic yelling, banging, and thumping in the backyard. I pulled back the curtains and what did I see? This Incredibly Amazing Appearing Fence! It popped up out of nowhere! 😮 The snow just melted yesterday, and here today low and behold is this sticking up out of the … Continue reading The Amazing Appearing Fence