2017…Summer of the Rocks

I was telling my Randomkid that we should start calling this summer- The Summer of the Rocks.  😮

We travel a particular stretch of highway almost every other day.  This year is the first year in all of my time living around here that my vehicle has been hit by anything, much less rocks. :/ Continue reading


Thursday Thirteen….

My friend from over at Sue’s Nook linked me to this fun idea and I thought I’d give it a go.

Thirteen things to cross off my to do list….but probably won’t. 😉

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The Weekend’s Over Already??

I had Big plans for this weekend. 😮

Had a long list of stuff to do…I was gonna get the house organized…Get some writing done…Get some illustrations and storyboards done for Bicusped and Ross Rossum.

Well, best laid plans of Mice and Men I guess.  :/

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Midweek Musings 7/26…

Today is Wednesday.

It’s known as the third working day…the crest of the proverbial Hill when experiencing a rough week.

Usually upon reaching a Wednesday we think to ourselves, “It’s all downhill from here.  Just two more days till the weekend.”
Everyone around us echoes our thought with a Hallelujah and an Amen.

So, I will begin celebrating these extremely underrated humpdays with a bit of Creative Writing.
This Midweek Musing?  A Poem

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Speeeiiiider Plants…

Speeiider Plants

I was at a garage sale over the weekend and the lady of the house was kind enough to give me two cuttings off of her Spider Plant.

I love spider plants and she just Happened to have the exact variety I wanted.

Soooo, I came home and stuck them in water to try and start the roots….apparently you don’t do that. :/

Soooo, now I’ve planted them in dirt…I hope they don’t die.

This is one of the few plants besides cactus that my mom couldn’t kill, so I figured I had half a decent shot…sigh.


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  Anyone out there in internet land have any tips on starting Speeiider Plants?  Please leave a line or 4 in the box below.

Happy Plant Prosperity…hopefully. 😀

Months are Jerks and the Year is a Butthead

Did anyone notice how Ridiculously FAST the months of summer have literally Flown by??

For most of the summer I’ve been avoiding, steering clear of, sidestepping and completely ignoring as many of the Creative Leaning things in my life as I possibly could… but No More!

I smacked myself in the head and gave myself a good lecture about wasting time on what-ifs & and signed up for classes on living in the moment… okay, I post a lot of cool inspirational sayings, pictures, and articles on Facebook; that’s pretty much the same thing as taking a class right?…

Anyhoo, I sat down with my Ipod Calendar, dusted off the Notifications button, input my To Do List for the day and tapped repeat daily.

I also created an exercise plan for myself…basically do something Fun, New, and Movement Oriented every day for one hour.

…My hubby Looooves exercise anything so between the exercise equipment collection in the basement, my old workout DVD’s, the hubster’s self-defense and workout books, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google I have NO probs finding Something to do. Lols

I was having a tough time avoiding binges on Netflix, Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook feeds so I made a rule for myself.

Unless I am in motion on the treadmill, the exercise bike, or the elliptical I may NOT get on any of the above before 8:00pm.

…Let’s just say that my lower half would like to give me a Zets in the back of the head or just a full frontal facepalm.  Rofls!!

So, I’m back on track and trying to keep up with all of the Fun-ness!  😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

P.S.- So, does anyone else think that months are jerks?  Has time been flying while you were having fun or Not so much fun as the case may be this summer?  Leave a comment or two in the box below.

Have an awesome August and remember Keep up with all the Fun-ness!  =)


Pumpkin disguised as a Watermelon?


Look what I found hiding amongst our local Farmer’s Market’s selection of watermelon.  It’s a pumpkin pretending to be a watermelon or maybe it’s a watermelon pretending to be a pumpkin?  Not sure, but it sat straight and pretty in my fridge.  It’s viney remnants made for a perfect handle to pop open the top and scoop out it’s juicy insides.  Yum!

We are eating as many as we can get our hands on cause they are absolutely tasty this year. 😀

My Randomkiddos put in a request for cantaloupe as well.  I’ll have to see if I can find one tomorrow.

I know that I owe ya’ll an update on my create space, but as of this morning it’s looking more like The Storage Space rather than anyplace to create anything.  I have been relegated back to the kitchen table, but I’m sure I’ll have an updated and finished Create Space soon. 😉


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Are you enjoying the fruits of summer while they are still around?  If so, what?  Or do you have your own Farmer’s Market growing in your backyard?  Spill the beans and let us know what ya got.  Leave a reply or two in the comments section below as per the usual.

Laters and Happy Summer Fruit Yumminess!! 😀



Cough, Cough, Hack, Hack…

Good grief!   It’s been crazy for the past few weeks!  After the Randomkid Oldest’s grad party we went to a friend’s grad party the next weekend.  Now this week we all got sick.  So the entire house hasn’t felt well for quite a while.  Let’s just say that between taking care of everyone, cooking, cleaning, and then getting sick myself it’s been pretty cruddy.  😦

Hopefully we will all start feeling better soon.

We had to cancel the Randomkid Oldest’s bday party, but we rescheduled it in a couple of weeks along with the hubbies… So it will be a Duo-Partay. 😀

I’m also gonna attempt to start school.  I like to start in July cause it gives me plenty of time to have sick days and vacation days.  Of course it will be Really interesting trying to communicate with the Randomkid Youngest while having laryngitis.

I hope to feel better soon…I Really Hope!! Lols

I’m finishing this post in my head as I stay up till 11:30 hackin’ up a lung. Arrrrgh!

I’ll type it up tomorrow when I’m more awake and less blurry eyed. Lols


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- How is your summer goin?  I hope you are summer cold free!!! 😉

Signing off with a cough and a hack. 😀

Let the Countdown Begin!

I’m down to the wire on my book edits…tryin’ not to freak out over here.   😮

I’m gonna be workin’ overtime tomorrow to get finished up.  Write! Write! Write! Write!…I mean Edit! Edit! Edit! Edit! Lols

Laundry?  I don’t think so!

Dishes?  Find a paper plate people!

Cleaning the house?  Uh, uh…Not gonna happen!

Cooking?  Possibly if I absolutely Have ta!

Okay, I’m  a jumpin’ off to go work on mah edits. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂