Another Random Day in the Life of Me…

Well I did my good renter deed of the day. 🙂
The hubby and I have an agreement that we try our best to treat the rentals that we live in like we would want them to be treated if we were renting them. We aren’t Always perfect, but we try our best.

So, in light of the Snow-tastrophe of 2016, we needed to make sure that our downspouts are cleared so that the water can drain properly.
This sounds like no problem, but the snow is up to my thighs and I’m short anyhoo, so it’s a challenge to trek around in the ocean of white stuff outside.

Here’s me prepping to go out… I decided I would borrow Randomkid oldest’s muck boots…they’re just a teensy bit too big. 😉

muck snow boots

But, my feet didn’t get wet and they go practically up to my knees, so I didn’t get soaking wet.
Thank you Walmart muck boots…who knew you would be so practical. 😀

Dripping downspout

There you go. Looks clear and free flowing to me….well, drippy at least. Lol

Our borough is also asking residents to clear their storm drains in preparation for rain next week and of course melt off, but that’s not gonna happen for us anytime soon. No amount of shoveling is going to help, because our storm drain is somewhere under all that…

Snow pile

I’m pretty sure in the general area under the red arrow…I think. Lol

Well, there you have it. Just another day in the life of me.
Random is as Random does, I suppose. 🙂

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- How’s cleanup going for those of you out there in internet land who were affected by the Snow-tastrophe of 2016? Drop me a line in the box.

Happy Snowtastical Landscaping! 😀


The Receding Hedge Line…

Early this AM we got a knock on our door.
Normally I just ignore people knocking before 9 in the morning, cause isn’t there a rule somewhere about not bugging people before 9AM or after 9PM??  Buuuut the hubby was still trying to get out the door for work, so he answered it.
I came downstairs after getting dressed for the day and presto disappearo, my hubby was nowhere to be found. I turned to go into our kitchen and I spy my hubby’s head passing in front of the kitchen window outside out of the corner of my eye. He appeared to be going around the back of the house. Wha?
I waited until he finally returned and came back in the house.
So, what’s up? I asked him…after patiently waiting a whole 10 minutes with No updates on the mysterious individual at the door or his trip around to the backyard with said individual…
Oh, that was just a tree trimmer, he wants to know if we care if he backs his truck into the yard. They are cutting down the hedge in the back and trimming the tree.
Seriously?? The last house we rented they cut a ton of trees down and the hedge and it looked horrifying!! The trimmers cut everything down and then just left…they didn’t clean ANYTHING up. I literally had to move whole branches out of my way so that I could pull my van into the garage! It was a mess and I was Not happy about the entire travesty. We couldn’t move soon enough after that whole fiasco.
So all I could think of was Oy, vey. Strap in, here we go again.

Well, this is a pic of the early morning start of The Receding Hedge Line.

receding hedgeline 1

After washing a load of dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, and running a few errand, I came back to this.

receding hedgeline 2

Hello, neighbors! And yes that is a shed that is beginning to emerge from behind the Receding Hedge Line. 😮
The Randomkids were mesmerized by the Receding Hedge Line. I couldn’t get them away from the window.
I did a few loads of laundry, worked on the bills, and planned some stuff for school and found they had made it this far.

receding hedgeline3

There’s the shed in all of it’s exposed and unadorned glory…actually the neighbor takes Super nice care of his property…of course that means now We have to take Super nice care of the backyard, sigh.
…aaaand yep that is a trailer complete with tarp cover, previously hidden by the Receding Hedge Line.
I started on making supper and completing the dishes and after a few more hours we were left with this.

receding hedge last

So, there you have it, The Receding Hedge Line is no more.We also got a few inches lopped off our backyard tree and lost the lines on our clothes line, but we shall recover.
The spring shall supposedly bring a fence along the former Receding Hedge Line and we shall hang our clothesline anew and our tree in the backyard will grow ever taller.
Life moves on and hopefully wherever we go next we won’t have anymore Receding Hedge Lines.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- I couldn’t get a cleaned up pic of the backyard because the tree trimming guys were working back there till nightfall. They did a wonderful job making everything tidy and actually made sure to clean up all of their trimmings and wood shavings. Thank you kindly Tree Trimming Dudes. 😀

Have a comment?  As per usual, drop me a line or three in the box.

Happy Kindly Tree Trimmer Appreciation Day!!


Random Thought of the Day…

Weather Vanes.
What are they used for exactly?


This is the one on top of our house. It’s pretty and goes well with the overall barn theme of our house, but other than pointing the direction of the wind, and scaring the begeebees out of us when we hear it creeeeeaking in the stairwell in the wee hours of it’s still dark in the morning, I’m not too sure what purpose it serves.

Maybe it’s a Pennsylvania thing? or a farmer thing? I’m not entirely certain.

My dad is a pilot, and loves all things airport/plane related, so for someone like him to want something like a weather vane would make a bit more sense to me.

Of course he only ever asked for a giant orange wind sock in the front yard, my mother just gave him a look and said something to the tune of, Whatchu talkin bout Willis?? LOL

So, Weather Vanes……My Random Thought of the Day.

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

Any of you out there in internet land want to enlighten me on the purpose of weather vanes on a house roof? If you do, please drop me a line or three in the comment box.
Happy Windsday!
….Perfect time for a Pooh Bear reference. 😉 😀

What lurks in the bathroom….

I looove our current rental very much, buuuut in each room that is wallpapered there is a different kind of border paper.  Not really that big of a deal right?

Well, in the bathroom downstairs there is this really nice seashell border paper…

Border paper

Our last house was very nice… but the most awesome part about it was the backyard!  We had a crick that ran along the side of the property and we were bordered on 2 sides with 14 acres of forest!  Loooooved it, but with a wonderful backyard and forest came lots and lots of weirdo bugs.  We had every variety of species you could think of, being homeschoolers we caught alot and visited that what’s that bug site quite often.

Now I  know just about everyone deals with these guys…

temple of doom

I do NOT like them.. at ALL!!  I have kind of a “history” with these guys.  They tend to pop out at ya at the most inconvenient times and in the most scary ways.

In fact, my best friend told me a story about how one time when she was younger and she was taking a shower one of these guys somehow landed on her head while she was washing her hair….well, much screaming ensued, followed by her leaping out of the shower, and shrieking for her dad to come in and kill the thing cause it wouldn’t go down the drain because of the drain cover.  It just kept spinning around and around in the bottom of the tub freaking her out. Of course, at the time I thought it was a funny story and laughed my rear off.

But back to my current bathroom story.  Every morning when I get my shower I take off my glasses… I’m near sighted and in the half dark bathroom…

Well, see that shell with the arrow pointed at it?

shower border paper

Let’s just say that, early in the morning, with no glasses on, that particular shell looks amazingly like that guy pictured above with the Temple of Doom reference…

I remember my best friend’s horror story, and the stupid thing gets me Every Time!  I think it’s a thousand legger!  Every Single Stinkin’ Time!  Oy!

Curse you pretty shell border paper!!


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

The basement floods at midnight… A true story

The Basement Floods at Midnight

Once upon a Sunday night at 3ish o’clock in the early am, the Blue Moon Sleeper was awoken from a deep and restful slumber. “What, who, where, why?,” she snorted most ungracefully upon being disturbed from her rest. She needed to attend to her constitutional in the most urgent way… too much lemonade before bed I suppose. She popped out of bed like an over brown piece of bread out of a toaster, and blundered her way around the room barking her toes on the bed rollers as she went. Feeling her way out of the room and to the bathroom, she opened the door and was immediately blinded by the nightlight plugged into the wall above the counter and shining more intensely than the sun in the Serengeti Desert. Stumbling back in surprise and shock, her eyes tearing and watering from the sudden onslaught of light and her bathroom visit totally forgotten, she lurched into the kitchen. As she wiped her eyes, she suddenly heard the voice of the Lord clearly say, “Go into the basement.” Without question she walked over to the basement, opened the door and walked down the steps. As if waking from a dream she attempted to focus on why she was in the basement and what she was supposed to be looking for… when she saw it. No, her eyes must be playing tricks on her, she rubbed them, blinked and looked again. Sure enough there it was plain as day on the floor in front of her, water and lots of it.  It’s windy trail snaked out from under the door to the outside and meandered into the basement. Realization dawned on her, the Bilco doors must have been left open and the torrential rains of the evening must have overwhelmed the tiny space forcing the water to enter the only place it could, the basement. In the next moment she was filled with dread as her eyes began to focus on the path of the small stream, her books! She ran up the stairs and gently but urgently shook her husband’s sleeping form. She explained what had happened, and with many apologies for leaving the door open and not following his own quiet urging from the Lord earlier that evening, he began unstacking boxes of books to get to the wet bottom layer of boxes. The Blue Moon Sleeper turned on a fan and set the dehumidifier to high and prepared a space for her beloved books to dry out. Her husband carried the first and wettest box over to where she stood waiting and dumped the first load out.  She feverishly thumbed through each book noting with relief that the wettest box didn’t have anything of real value in it.  With thanks to the Lord, she continued laying out the wettest albums and papers out to dry out in the breeze from the fan. Her husband brought over 3 boxes in all, each less and less wetter than the first.  She pulled all the books out looking them over thoroughly.  With palpable relief she sighed, “No real casualties to speak of.” “I’m sorry again,” intoned her husband feeling upset and foolish. “It’s okay, I’m just grateful that the Lord woke me when he did and sent me down to the basement to stop the flood.” she said happily. The Blue Moon Sleeper and her husband, satisfied that all was taken care of went back up to their room and drifted off into slumber. The Lord had routed the flood and the basement was dry as a bone by the next evening. The Blue Moon Sleeper hadn’t lost a single book and the basement was back to its original form. ~ Thank you Lord, just like the Wedding at Cana, you care about the little things…even my books.

Phillipians 4:19- And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

What is in the water?!

what is in the water

I love our current house it’s adorable and very quaint.  It literally looks just like a barn complete with a silo. 😮

It’s as the kiddos would say nowadays…Totes Adorbs. 😀

Buuuut it is surrounded by more man made materials than God made ones.  Considering we moved here from a place that was more like God’s Green Acres, I’ve had to get used to the idea of container planting….no room for a garden ya see. 😦

So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps got some containers from yard sales, bought a couple cans of spray paint, and voila instant be-yooootiful planters!

I bought some pretty flowers and some veggiebibbles and filled up my flower beds with planters of differing colors, shapes, and sizes.

Well, everything was going well, until we hit a bit of a dry time.  So I began watering them daily.

Now in the beginning I was watering my potted plants with the drinking water we buy.

Side note…. We buy our drinking water.  I don’t like city water, it’s bad enough it smells like a highly chlorinated pool when I take a shower and my hair looks like a victim of chemical testing…  So, I definitely Don’t drink it or cook with it.

Anyhoo, back to the story,  so the hubby noticed we were running through the water fairly quickly and spotted me watering the plants with it.  He politely asked me if I was insane, then requested that I stop using it on the plants immediately.

I began collecting rain water in buckets to water my plants with which worked well, until the before mentioned dry spell…you sort of need, oh I don’t know, Rain to collect Rain Water! :/

So, I watched the other people on the block to see how They watered their plants.  Well low and behold they were just using the good ole outside garden hose.

Well, I decided to do the same….And the results were Disastrous!!

After a mere 3 days of watering with the hose, my beautiful plants went from being vibrant, colorful, strong, happy planteez to being ugly, yellowed, wilting, sad visages of their former selves.

All I could think of was, What the heck was in that water?!

I have no idea what sort of chemical content is in our water, but if it does that to poor unassuming plant life, what is it doing to us?!

I try not to think about it too much, it gives me nightmares. Oy Vey everyone, Oy Vey.

So, I’m back to using the drinking water we buy to water my plants, sorry babe…At least until the Lord dumps some rain on us.  Then I’ll have 10 buckets sitting out in the driveway waiting to be filled with water for my poor potted plants.


The Blue Moon Thinker  🙂

A Clean House…

My House Was Clean Last Week...

Ok, there is a reason that I have this sign hanging in my house!  To cover days like today.  😮

My hubby was home today.  Yay! for me, but Not Yay! for my schedule.  When the hubster is home from work that saying, “Carefully laid plans of mice and Wo-men,” apply.  I absolutely LOVE having my hubby home, but I usually don’t get anything done all day.  When dad is home everyone in the house goes into vacation mode…including me. :/

So, today my house looked like a Grouches’ Holiday Inn…imagine the bad guys house from Elmo in Grouchland.

My living room was covered in assorted piles of the 98 books we currently have checked out of the library, my couch and loveseat were covered in unfolded but clean laundry, and every possible flat surface to set something on was littered in Homeschool Prep Paperwork.

I won’t even begin to go into detail about my kitchen!   Let’s just say I’d been neglecting it for a day or two. 😦

So, after a fun filled day of staycay vaycay, I had to come back in for a landing on Reality Island.  It was almost dinner time and I had to cook.  Whoopee.

Since today was National Hotdog Day, I decided to make hotdog’s for supper.  Yummo!

After running thru the kitchen with a scrubby and my awesome lemon spray, I began the task of making supper.

Hotdogs check, Green beans checkarooni, baked potatoes got it.

Everything was coming along nicely when out of the blue my microwave shuts off.  I was like, What? Hello?

Long and short of it, I ended up calling the landlord, turns out the problem was just a tripped breaker, but the breaker panel was labeled wrong and hilarious phone call tag ensued with the land lord.

In the end, they decide to show up at our house to check out the circuit breaker, unbeknownst to us.

Remember the, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” bit from the beginning?

My landlord was coming into my house for the first time…I hadn’t met her face to face, just spoke with her over the phone…and here I was in the middle of a house that looked like an extra on the set of the Wizard of Oz tornado shoot, and me in all of my, frizzed up hair plopped on top of my head in an Extremely messy updo, wearin my oldest Tshirt and shorts that I own, you know the Do Not wear That out of the house Ever be-cause it has a hole Where?!, outfitted glory!

This was the convo:

Landlord: “We’re outside in the driveway.”

Me: “Oh, Okay.”  said with a forced smile thru clenched teeth.  😀

Landlord: “See you in a bit.”

Me: *Click*  Ack!! Oh, my gosh babe, the landlord is coming here, IS here Now in our Driveway!  Quick put the laundry in a basket, oh my goodness the kitchen!  Holy cow! I don’t have a bra on!!


Me: Wait, don’t answer the…….door. *sigh*  Helllooooo, I don’t believe we’ve met yet. 😀  Big smiles everyone, Big smiles.

Oy Vey!

I decided something while I was cleaning up the house, after they left.

I am taking, “My House Was Clean Last Week,” sign and hanging it on the Front Door!!


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂