Step 2: Out the Door

Well, the other day I posted about Moving Forward… Step 1: Move Your Feet.

Here is my next post with a bit more on that subject … Step 2: Out the Door.

Today I had my first Watercolor lesson with my wonderful Art teacher, Elva Hurst, Aka the Chalktalk Lady.

I had first learned of her at our Homeschool Co-op.  My Randomkid Youngest took her son Joe Hurst’s Cartooning Class, more on that in another post. 😉

So, when I wanted to learn watercolor for the illustrations in my book, I decided I would go to Miss Elva. 😀

Well.  What a ride to just get to my appointment.

I really feel like this isn’t just going to some art lesson for kicks, in my mind this is all a grand part of me Moving Forward in my life and embracing all that God created me to be. 😀

So, I shouldn’t wonder that there were challenges just to be able to get to my first destination. Lol

We ended up getting a bit of snow…just enough to make travel icky…and of course I had scheduled my lesson for 10am.  Bright and early right?  Also, bright, early, cold, icy, windy, drifty, and all around blech!  Hmmm, maybe I should back up… the evening before my lesson my hubby came in the door after a long day at work and announced that he was taking the van to work the next day…my lesson day…because his car was acting extra weird and he needed me to get it towed to the garage the next day…again, my lesson day.

My hubby was EXTRA apologetic, but with all the cold, snow, blech weather his houses aren’t drying well and he needs all the days in he can get….he is a drywall finisher. 😀  Drywallers like dry warm weather, not cold, wet weather. 😀

Anyhoo, so after Many apologies, I gave him a hug and got to work filing thru my friends in my mind to see Who might be available to give me a ride….that’s right, nothin’s gonna stop me now…don’t stop believin’…insert your choice of uplifting 80’s music here… Lol

Well, this K-razy weather has been hard on everyone’s cars.  So out of all the friends that live close to me, only 1 had a working vehicle and she usually had Co-op on the day of my art lesson. 😮

But guess what?  Cause of the crazy snow, her co-op canceled…something she was shocked about cause they actually canceled the night before already and they Never do that.  Sooooo a God thing…I love it when a plan comes together…A-team reference…. Looove it. 😀

Alright so day of, I got me a ride, I got me my art stuff, we are all ready…Step 2: Out the Door.

After a fun and sometimes bit hairy ride to Elva’s Studio… It was a bit slushy, slippy, and Icy….I had a blessed and wonderfantabulous time at my lesson.  Whew!

Step 1 & 2 Accomplished!  Yay!  Look at me moving forward!

That’s right. Who’s movin forward? I’m movin’ forward. Uh h-uh, uh h-uh. Uh-huh, Uh- huh, Uh-huh… Emporers New Groove reference. 😉

Ooooo, and guess what?  I made 2 more appointments for lessons. *girlie squeal*


I came home from my beginner lesson feeling sooo happy, that I tried out some of the beginner techniques Miss Elva showed me, all on my little lonesome. I practiced her techs in 2 diff paintings.

Here are my beginnings…I might add more to them, but I want to bring them and show Miss Elva first and see what she suggests. 😀

Forgive the pic quality I used my Ipod and they are just my first tries. 🙂

snow effect watercolor

I plopped Snow on this one after I painted it, just to see what effect it would have. 🙂

salt watercolor

I sprinkled salt in the sky on this one to see what the effect would be. 🙂



The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in blogolog land have any Out the Door moments this week?  Or maybe just some Moments this week? 😉

Leave a line or 6 in the box as per usual. 😀

P.S.S.- I was painting the above watercolors today while listening to a cool music link over on Mescalime’s blog- Psychochromatic Redemption.  …..Thanks for the inspiring notes Mesca. 😀

Happy Steppin’ Ya’ll!  🙂




S-noooo-w more snow…

More Snow

More Snow….Again.
Another bit of snow is sprinkling down from the heavens today.

I do like snow, but I’m Really excited for Spring. I started drawing up ideas for planters… I can’t have a garden or plant anything in the ground at our current residence, but I Can have Planters!! 😀 Yay!

But, the snow isn’t helping with my cheery springy type thoughts. :/
I guess snow will help with water come summer, buuuuut… *sigh*
I still wish that it was spring.

At least I got some coolio pictures. That’s something. 😀
I miss our forest though, I got the Beeeest pictures Ever when we lived there. *sigh* again.  Thank goodness for our awesome barn. 🙂

Oh, well. I’m off to draw up some more happy little flowery planter ideas. XD

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone else havin’ springy-time type thoughts? Leave a comment or 2 in the box.

Happy Spring Thinking! 😀

Another Random Day in the Life of Me…

Well I did my good renter deed of the day. 🙂
The hubby and I have an agreement that we try our best to treat the rentals that we live in like we would want them to be treated if we were renting them. We aren’t Always perfect, but we try our best.

So, in light of the Snow-tastrophe of 2016, we needed to make sure that our downspouts are cleared so that the water can drain properly.
This sounds like no problem, but the snow is up to my thighs and I’m short anyhoo, so it’s a challenge to trek around in the ocean of white stuff outside.

Here’s me prepping to go out… I decided I would borrow Randomkid oldest’s muck boots…they’re just a teensy bit too big. 😉

muck snow boots

But, my feet didn’t get wet and they go practically up to my knees, so I didn’t get soaking wet.
Thank you Walmart muck boots…who knew you would be so practical. 😀

Dripping downspout

There you go. Looks clear and free flowing to me….well, drippy at least. Lol

Our borough is also asking residents to clear their storm drains in preparation for rain next week and of course melt off, but that’s not gonna happen for us anytime soon. No amount of shoveling is going to help, because our storm drain is somewhere under all that…

Snow pile

I’m pretty sure in the general area under the red arrow…I think. Lol

Well, there you have it. Just another day in the life of me.
Random is as Random does, I suppose. 🙂

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- How’s cleanup going for those of you out there in internet land who were affected by the Snow-tastrophe of 2016? Drop me a line in the box.

Happy Snowtastical Landscaping! 😀

The Great Snow-tastrophe of 2016

Snow much Snow!!

Wowsers! We definitely got hit with some serious snowage.

I got some crazy pictures of the Blizzardage.

11 am Saturday-


4pm Saturday-


That is soooome snow!

Because I was stuck inside…obviously… I ended up doing some studying for one of the book series I’m writing.
…More on that in another post…

Aaaaand I finally figured out the type of medium I want to use for my illustrations. Yay!!! Course, there’s only one prob, I actually haven’t used any of the art mediums I want to use.  So now I just have to figure out if I can do it. Lol

I also decided it was high time to pick up the previously mentioned book series, finish my edits, and send it off to my wonderful editor friend who helps me with my grammatical challenges….I have a lot of those.  :/
She probably cringes every time she reads any of my blogs…..Sorry Wooly Gal, I’m really Not trying to make you go nutsy cuckoo.  😮  🙂

I also spent time Attempting… of course every time I sat down, I was pulled away to do something else…to write some blog posts for next week. I really want to try and do one blog post Mon-Fri for my Thoughts and Stories blogs….we’ll see how long I can keep the pace up and not go cray.  😀

As per usual, I also did a ton of boring stuff like cooking, dishes, laundry, and cleaning. Bleh!!

But, all in all it was a nice and relaxing weekend. Thank you Snow-partay of 2016 you rocked! 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

For those of you in internet land who were trapped by the Snow-tastrophe of 2016, what did you do while you were shut in and cut off from the world?
Leave a comment or two in the box.

Happy Dig Out Monday!! 😀

Shovels, Shovels, Everywhere…Not!


Okay, so we are preparing for snowmageddon here in Pa or so everyone says. Ve shall Zee vat happenz… Lol

But either way, our snow shovels have seen better days, like they needed to be taken out back and put out of their misery a loooong time ago. Literally, our one shovel we got back in the snowmageddon of ’96. We had to walk thru the 5 foot snow drifts to a general store in our town to buy a shovel cause we didn’t own any. So, I am making the Extremely hard decision that it is Finally time to put our old shovel down the garbage hole.

We had a small service for the shovel and drove off to Walmart. We walked through the doors and were immediately inundated with all things snow related. Sidewalk salt? They had it by the bucketful. Hats, gloves, scarfs? There was a bin that covered that. Ice scrapers, windshield wiper fluid? Pallets full.

Of course there had to be a Ton of shovels riiiiiiight? Wrong.

No shovels. Anywhere.

I asked a sales associate if they could point me in the direction of the shovels. She pointed me to lawn and garden, explaining that if there were any left they were outside to the right as soon as you get through the door. But she warned me that the last time she checked there were only 2 left. What????

So, we turned the corner and low and behold there were NO shovels left!!!! Ok, I take that back, there Were 2.

There hanging in their spot were 2 tiny kids shovels. Yup, that’s just what I need to shovel out from Snowmageddon!! Riiiiiight! Not!

So, here I sit without a shovel.

A shovel, a shovel, my kingdom for a shovel!

The BluemoonThinker 🙂

P.S.- Update on the shovel sitch: I found a shovel at Kmart. They had a bazillion shovels!! They cost an arm and a leg, but now at least I can shovel our driveway with my incredibly expensive Shovel of Awesomeness!!!
Are ya’ll ready for the impending snow? Drop me a line or two as usual in the box.

Could it be??

is that snow

Just needed to post this for posterity, because I know it will be gone within a few hours and be but a distant memory.

Like my hubby said, “Yup, and we’ll be wearin shorts again by next week.” LOL

May you have a wintry winter. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone else have any proof of wintry weather this winter?  Drop me a line or pic in the comment box. 😀

It’s the Most Wonderful Time for Senior Pics…


I’m starting a new challenge for myself.  My Randomkid the First is graduating this year.

It’s a year full of firsts actually, driving for the first time, working with dad for the first time, and getting senior pics for the first time.

Most people would hire a photographer to do their kiddos pics so that 10 years in the future their grateful progeny won’t come back to them complaining about how the light wasn’t right, or how could you let me wear that jacket, or what was the aperture setting on your El Cheapo point and click again?

But of course, I’m Not most people.  I enjoy a challenge.  😀

So, in order to give myself a Wide spread for mistakes, I decided to take pictures of Randomkid the First in each Season.  We got fall down by the skin of our teeth.

I willed a few of the leaves to stay on the trees so that we could have time to go take some pics and they did.

But the Winter portion of the pic taking is giving me some trouble.  We have just passed the 1st of January and there still is not even a single flake of snow anywhere on the ground.  We haven’t even had a hard frost so that we could go out and Pretend it snowed.  I guess I could get some snow trucked in like they do at ski resorts…no, that’s just crazy talk.

I guess we’ll see what happens.  Worse comes to worse, I could just Photoshop some snow into the pic…..Of course that little trick would entail me actually purchasing Photoshop first.


It’s all good.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

PS- Are there any other crazy parent Senior pic takers out there in internet land?  How did it go for you?  Any Pic knowledge you could drop on me?  If so, please leave me a line in the comment box.

In the meantime, I’ll be singing a song….

“Oh where, oh where, has all the snow gone.  Oh where, oh where, can it be?  Well Christmas is done and we’re speeding thru January, Oh where, oh where can it be.”