Midweek Musings August 9th….

It is the Long awaited Hump day again.

The post for today?
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The School Year is Coming to a Close…

Well, today we had our last homeschool meeting for our small group, Out of the Box, today.

Well, actually we have one more get together… an end of the year celebration at the park in May. 😀

Today we tried watercolor with the kiddos.  It was pretty cool seeing everyone’s different results.  We are studying the Titanic, so the kiddos painted icebergs.  Mine came out like a hippie psychedelic acid trippy type iceberg. Lol  Everyone else’s came out normal. 😀

We also did some experiments with mini icebergs…well actually various sizes of ice cubes.  🙂

I filled a container with plain water and another one with salt water.  Then we floated the ice in both containers and wrote down observations.  It was very wet. And the kiddos had a hard time keeping their fingers out of the Bowls.  Lol

Now I get to concentrate on finishing the rest of My homeschool year. Yay!…Not Really.  🙂

Well, I’m off to work on tomorrows school schedule.  Yay me…again. Lols 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker  🙂

Doodles, Doodles, Everywhere…

I am soooo excited!!  😀

I am going to my first drawing lesson with Mr. Joe tomorrow.  He’s the son of the artist that I was going to for watercolor lessons.

After discussing money..or the lack of money..with the hubby, we decided that I would pause in my watercolor instruction and focus on fine tuning my drawing….So, I have my first lesson tomorrow. Yay!!

I was supposed to go today, but we had cruddy weather that I did Not want to be driving…boating…in, so I canceled…buuuut, he had an opening for tomorrow. Yes! 🙂

So, after a looooong day of grocery shopping, house cleaning, homeschooling catch ups and corrections, cooking, prepping for lit class tomorrow, writing up some ideas for cards for a friend, and a plethora of other things that pop up when you have something you really want to work on….I finally had some time to paint and doodle.

Of course, I spent too much time painting and not enough time doodling…Oh well.  I painted two abstract paintings and did a teensy, weensy bit of doodling for my book.

I need to doodle more and get used to working with ink.  You can’t fix ink!  Aaargh!  So difficult for me to deal with…I hate mistakes and once I get something just right I’m soooo afraid I’m gonna goof it up with the ink and have to start everything all over again.  Plus, I don’t like starting in pencil, then inking over it..I miss lines sometimes and I think it looks blechy..I’m bad and just skip the pencil and draw in ink, keeping my fingers crossed the entire time hoping I don’t mess up. Lol

So, I tried some clothes on a clothesline…a doodle that wasn’t too hard..no people..I am sooo bad at people… I tried to just keep with the idea of less is more. 😀

My Funny Little Washline

I’ll have to see if I have more time to doodle before I go to my lesson tomorrow….I am sooo nervous. Oy


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  I will update ya with how it goes and hopefully have even better doodles to show. 😀

Happy Doodles! 🙂

On Brushes and Other Arty Type Stuff…

Ok, as some of you who actually read the Randomness that I type already know, I am working on finishing a book I wrote. I am in the final drafts, re-reads, beta readers, and illustration mock-ups part of my journey.

I started a watercolor class and had my first appointment last week. My art teacher showed me some basic watercolor techniques and I’ve been attempting to practice them. I had bought a bunch of supplies from the art store before I went….not really having ANY clue as to what to get. Well, I got all the right stuff Except for brushes. I bought the packs of brushes…still expensive even with my 50% off coupons! 😮

Anyhoo, my art teacher warned me that they might lose bristles. Oh, I thought…no biggie, I have art brushes that I bought at the dollar tree and garage sales and their not so bad, so these brushes…the one from the art store that say recommended for watercolor that cost me wayyyyy more than the dollar store brushes should work just fine. …………….
Uh, No!! Soooooooo No!

I sat down to paint, dipped my brush into the water and before I knew it there were like 20 bristles floating around in my water cup….I hadn’t even started painting yet!!

Well, lets just say that I spent more time pulling bristles out of my artwork than I did Actually painting! 😮

I was soooooo irritated. My paper towel blotter for my brush looked like it had a 6:00 shadow. 😮 😮

After my hubby came home from work, I immediately took the brushes back to the store, returned them and promptly bought new brushes. This time I bought the single brushes…

Well, I thought they were all like $4.00….Um, no. They are so Totally not.

I had several 50% coupons so, I bought a brush and asked my hubby to buy a brush too.
I took my returns up to the counter and the checkout girl asked me if I’d like to use the money from the returns to pay for my brushes. I said, sure that sounds great. All of my returns had totaled like $12. I had grabbed a water color tablet and the brush, so I was expecting to get some change back…the tablet was on sale. Yay!

The girl totaled my stuff and said that will be $8… I looked at her stupid…Uh, uh, uh, uh…I’m sorry, wait, wuh? I was way lost. Lol

The brush that I had picked the one I thought was $4 was actually a $12 brush! Ack! I didn’t know they Made $12 brushes!

My hubby calmly looked at me and said, didn’t you know that’s how much they were babe?
Uh, NO, I did Not! His mom was a wannabe artist and bought all this kind of stuff.
He didn’t even bat an eye, just said go ahead and get it.

The clerk was very nice and switched my expensive brush for the cheaper one my hubby was going to buy so we saved like $6 on the more expensive brush…thank you kind check out girl. 😀
So, I learned my lesson….Price check in Aisle 8!!

Ok, now on to the paintin’. I posted my first tries from last week, now I’ll post my first tries at actual robots.
Remember, these are my firsts…try not to snicker too much. 🙂

Robot Tin Toy Dog

…Doggy Tin Toy Robot

Mr. Machine Tin Toy

…Mr. Machine Type Tin Toy

I know my art teacher wanted to wait to try out robots…she hasn’t even shown me all the techniques yet, but the ADD/Aspie in me wanted…no NEEDED to jump ahead and see what a robot would look like. A local toy robot expert…actually the man who is responsible for the books that I’m currently writing…lent me two books so that I could Actually see on paper some toy robots….I’m a Book kinda gal…Not a computer type of gal. Lol
I need to see a physical picture, not so good with the online pics…I can do it, but I don’t like it. Lol

I’m gonna keep painting and experimenting… maybe I’ll end up with a painting style I like.

This is my second time painting…I have to sneak painting in between, homeschool, cooking, cleaning, mom and wiffle duties, and writing. Lol

The next time I paint I’m going to try and make my painting squares smaller. I’m gonna go smaller till I get to book size. Hopefully I will have time to paint at least 2 more times before I get back to class.

Ve Shall Zee. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

Step 2: Out the Door

Well, the other day I posted about Moving Forward… Step 1: Move Your Feet.

Here is my next post with a bit more on that subject … Step 2: Out the Door.

Today I had my first Watercolor lesson with my wonderful Art teacher, Elva Hurst, Aka the Chalktalk Lady.

I had first learned of her at our Homeschool Co-op.  My Randomkid Youngest took her son Joe Hurst’s Cartooning Class, more on that in another post. 😉

So, when I wanted to learn watercolor for the illustrations in my book, I decided I would go to Miss Elva. 😀

Well.  What a ride to just get to my appointment.

I really feel like this isn’t just going to some art lesson for kicks, in my mind this is all a grand part of me Moving Forward in my life and embracing all that God created me to be. 😀

So, I shouldn’t wonder that there were challenges just to be able to get to my first destination. Lol

We ended up getting a bit of snow…just enough to make travel icky…and of course I had scheduled my lesson for 10am.  Bright and early right?  Also, bright, early, cold, icy, windy, drifty, and all around blech!  Hmmm, maybe I should back up… the evening before my lesson my hubby came in the door after a long day at work and announced that he was taking the van to work the next day…my lesson day…because his car was acting extra weird and he needed me to get it towed to the garage the next day…again, my lesson day.

My hubby was EXTRA apologetic, but with all the cold, snow, blech weather his houses aren’t drying well and he needs all the days in he can get….he is a drywall finisher. 😀  Drywallers like dry warm weather, not cold, wet weather. 😀

Anyhoo, so after Many apologies, I gave him a hug and got to work filing thru my friends in my mind to see Who might be available to give me a ride….that’s right, nothin’s gonna stop me now…don’t stop believin’…insert your choice of uplifting 80’s music here… Lol

Well, this K-razy weather has been hard on everyone’s cars.  So out of all the friends that live close to me, only 1 had a working vehicle and she usually had Co-op on the day of my art lesson. 😮

But guess what?  Cause of the crazy snow, her co-op canceled…something she was shocked about cause they actually canceled the night before already and they Never do that.  Sooooo a God thing…I love it when a plan comes together…A-team reference…. Looove it. 😀

Alright so day of, I got me a ride, I got me my art stuff, we are all ready…Step 2: Out the Door.

After a fun and sometimes bit hairy ride to Elva’s Studio… It was a bit slushy, slippy, and Icy….I had a blessed and wonderfantabulous time at my lesson.  Whew!

Step 1 & 2 Accomplished!  Yay!  Look at me moving forward!

That’s right. Who’s movin forward? I’m movin’ forward. Uh h-uh, uh h-uh. Uh-huh, Uh- huh, Uh-huh… Emporers New Groove reference. 😉

Ooooo, and guess what?  I made 2 more appointments for lessons. *girlie squeal*


I came home from my beginner lesson feeling sooo happy, that I tried out some of the beginner techniques Miss Elva showed me, all on my little lonesome. I practiced her techs in 2 diff paintings.

Here are my beginnings…I might add more to them, but I want to bring them and show Miss Elva first and see what she suggests. 😀

Forgive the pic quality I used my Ipod and they are just my first tries. 🙂

snow effect watercolor

I plopped Snow on this one after I painted it, just to see what effect it would have. 🙂

salt watercolor

I sprinkled salt in the sky on this one to see what the effect would be. 🙂



The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in blogolog land have any Out the Door moments this week?  Or maybe just some Moments this week? 😉

Leave a line or 6 in the box as per usual. 😀

P.S.S.- I was painting the above watercolors today while listening to a cool music link over on Mescalime’s blog- Psychochromatic Redemption.  …..Thanks for the inspiring notes Mesca. 😀

Happy Steppin’ Ya’ll!  🙂