Step 2: Out the Door

Well, the other day I posted about Moving Forward… Step 1: Move Your Feet.

Here is my next post with a bit more on that subject … Step 2: Out the Door.

Today I had my first Watercolor lesson with my wonderful Art teacher, Elva Hurst, Aka the Chalktalk Lady.

I had first learned of her at our Homeschool Co-op.  My Randomkid Youngest took her son Joe Hurst’s Cartooning Class, more on that in another post. 😉

So, when I wanted to learn watercolor for the illustrations in my book, I decided I would go to Miss Elva. 😀

Well.  What a ride to just get to my appointment.

I really feel like this isn’t just going to some art lesson for kicks, in my mind this is all a grand part of me Moving Forward in my life and embracing all that God created me to be. 😀

So, I shouldn’t wonder that there were challenges just to be able to get to my first destination. Lol

We ended up getting a bit of snow…just enough to make travel icky…and of course I had scheduled my lesson for 10am.  Bright and early right?  Also, bright, early, cold, icy, windy, drifty, and all around blech!  Hmmm, maybe I should back up… the evening before my lesson my hubby came in the door after a long day at work and announced that he was taking the van to work the next day…my lesson day…because his car was acting extra weird and he needed me to get it towed to the garage the next day…again, my lesson day.

My hubby was EXTRA apologetic, but with all the cold, snow, blech weather his houses aren’t drying well and he needs all the days in he can get….he is a drywall finisher. 😀  Drywallers like dry warm weather, not cold, wet weather. 😀

Anyhoo, so after Many apologies, I gave him a hug and got to work filing thru my friends in my mind to see Who might be available to give me a ride….that’s right, nothin’s gonna stop me now…don’t stop believin’…insert your choice of uplifting 80’s music here… Lol

Well, this K-razy weather has been hard on everyone’s cars.  So out of all the friends that live close to me, only 1 had a working vehicle and she usually had Co-op on the day of my art lesson. 😮

But guess what?  Cause of the crazy snow, her co-op canceled…something she was shocked about cause they actually canceled the night before already and they Never do that.  Sooooo a God thing…I love it when a plan comes together…A-team reference…. Looove it. 😀

Alright so day of, I got me a ride, I got me my art stuff, we are all ready…Step 2: Out the Door.

After a fun and sometimes bit hairy ride to Elva’s Studio… It was a bit slushy, slippy, and Icy….I had a blessed and wonderfantabulous time at my lesson.  Whew!

Step 1 & 2 Accomplished!  Yay!  Look at me moving forward!

That’s right. Who’s movin forward? I’m movin’ forward. Uh h-uh, uh h-uh. Uh-huh, Uh- huh, Uh-huh… Emporers New Groove reference. 😉

Ooooo, and guess what?  I made 2 more appointments for lessons. *girlie squeal*


I came home from my beginner lesson feeling sooo happy, that I tried out some of the beginner techniques Miss Elva showed me, all on my little lonesome. I practiced her techs in 2 diff paintings.

Here are my beginnings…I might add more to them, but I want to bring them and show Miss Elva first and see what she suggests. 😀

Forgive the pic quality I used my Ipod and they are just my first tries. 🙂

snow effect watercolor

I plopped Snow on this one after I painted it, just to see what effect it would have. 🙂

salt watercolor

I sprinkled salt in the sky on this one to see what the effect would be. 🙂



The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Any of you out there in blogolog land have any Out the Door moments this week?  Or maybe just some Moments this week? 😉

Leave a line or 6 in the box as per usual. 😀

P.S.S.- I was painting the above watercolors today while listening to a cool music link over on Mescalime’s blog- Psychochromatic Redemption.  …..Thanks for the inspiring notes Mesca. 😀

Happy Steppin’ Ya’ll!  🙂




S-noooo-w more snow…

More Snow

More Snow….Again.
Another bit of snow is sprinkling down from the heavens today.

I do like snow, but I’m Really excited for Spring. I started drawing up ideas for planters… I can’t have a garden or plant anything in the ground at our current residence, but I Can have Planters!! 😀 Yay!

But, the snow isn’t helping with my cheery springy type thoughts. :/
I guess snow will help with water come summer, buuuuut… *sigh*
I still wish that it was spring.

At least I got some coolio pictures. That’s something. 😀
I miss our forest though, I got the Beeeest pictures Ever when we lived there. *sigh* again.  Thank goodness for our awesome barn. 🙂

Oh, well. I’m off to draw up some more happy little flowery planter ideas. XD

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone else havin’ springy-time type thoughts? Leave a comment or 2 in the box.

Happy Spring Thinking! 😀

Another Weird Weather Post…


I was scrolling thru my photos this AM and discovered this beauty that I had forgotten about. We had a traumatic case of Fog-itis hit our town a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to post about it, so I’m postin now. Lol

Literally the fog was so thick that you could only see about a foot or two in front of you clearly. It was nutsy cuckoo. We do Not get fog like this around here, we don’t live on the lochs in Scotland….Scooby-Doo reference. 😉

This was Pea Soup Fog, this view is from the sidewalk on our cul de sac. All you could see were hazy shapes and dim lights.

The Randomkids were going to a library event that evening. Let’s just say this chicken of the foggie sea turned around after about two blocks and four close calls with parked cars and moving ones too.

I just got an email from a friend that we are now expecting 8-10″ of snow by the weekend.
Gotta love this awesome weather folks. 🙂

Hmmmm, maybe I should just move to Florida…only have to watch out for hurricanes, stingrays, alligators, escaped jungle snakes, and large cockroaches.
Well, that’s a Nopefish. Guess I’ll just enjoy the Wheel of Ridiculous Weather. Spin, spin, spin! Lol

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂
P.S.- Crazy weather got you baffled? Drop me a line or two in the comment box.
Happy Wheel of Weather. Spin, spin, spin. 😀

Could it be??

is that snow

Just needed to post this for posterity, because I know it will be gone within a few hours and be but a distant memory.

Like my hubby said, “Yup, and we’ll be wearin shorts again by next week.” LOL

May you have a wintry winter. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Anyone else have any proof of wintry weather this winter?  Drop me a line or pic in the comment box. 😀

Oh the weather outside is wackadoo…


It is January here in Pennsylvania, January the 10th to be exact.

So, when I look out the window I should see, oh I don’t know, snow maybe? At least some frost? How about ice…anywhere?? The weather around here has been extremely weird.

Normally here in the Northeast January means cold temps, frozen ground, snow, winter coats, scarves, and gloves or just generally bundled up tight and snug under a blanket with cocoa and Netflix binge-watching.

But instead? The hubby had to Mow last week, it rained so hard today that the yard is a boggy wasteland, we had a thunderstorm warning last night with a warning for dangerous cloud to ground lightning, we even had a brilliant rainbow today…
The weather is just Wack!!

I am walking around my house in a tank top and shorts sipping lemonade and eating frozen yo-go pops. What is winter coming too?

My hubby entered the house proclaiming, “It’s becoming another beautiful fall January day.”
Uhhhhhhhh, no.


The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

Fall Fun… In the Sun?

Fall Fun 2

Wow, is it actually November??  Cause it feels more like September!
We decided to take Senior pics for the Randomkid Firstborn while the weather holds.

It was absolutely gorgeous out!!

We decided to hit a nearby historic park. There were so many places to take pics, all I had to do was basically close my eyes and point.
Old stone buildings, gorgeous stone outcroppings, beautifully ornate trees, it was totally awesome.

The kiddos actually lasted way longer than I thought they would, in fact, Randomkid Firstborn wants to go back for round 2 of pics. Lol
So, I guess we’ll go back and see what new places we can find.
Well, hopefully the rockin’ weather lasts for awhile.

The Blue Moon Thinker 🙂

What is in the water?!

what is in the water

I love our current house it’s adorable and very quaint.  It literally looks just like a barn complete with a silo. 😮

It’s as the kiddos would say nowadays…Totes Adorbs. 😀

Buuuut it is surrounded by more man made materials than God made ones.  Considering we moved here from a place that was more like God’s Green Acres, I’ve had to get used to the idea of container planting….no room for a garden ya see. 😦

So, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps got some containers from yard sales, bought a couple cans of spray paint, and voila instant be-yooootiful planters!

I bought some pretty flowers and some veggiebibbles and filled up my flower beds with planters of differing colors, shapes, and sizes.

Well, everything was going well, until we hit a bit of a dry time.  So I began watering them daily.

Now in the beginning I was watering my potted plants with the drinking water we buy.

Side note…. We buy our drinking water.  I don’t like city water, it’s bad enough it smells like a highly chlorinated pool when I take a shower and my hair looks like a victim of chemical testing…  So, I definitely Don’t drink it or cook with it.

Anyhoo, back to the story,  so the hubby noticed we were running through the water fairly quickly and spotted me watering the plants with it.  He politely asked me if I was insane, then requested that I stop using it on the plants immediately.

I began collecting rain water in buckets to water my plants with which worked well, until the before mentioned dry spell…you sort of need, oh I don’t know, Rain to collect Rain Water! :/

So, I watched the other people on the block to see how They watered their plants.  Well low and behold they were just using the good ole outside garden hose.

Well, I decided to do the same….And the results were Disastrous!!

After a mere 3 days of watering with the hose, my beautiful plants went from being vibrant, colorful, strong, happy planteez to being ugly, yellowed, wilting, sad visages of their former selves.

All I could think of was, What the heck was in that water?!

I have no idea what sort of chemical content is in our water, but if it does that to poor unassuming plant life, what is it doing to us?!

I try not to think about it too much, it gives me nightmares. Oy Vey everyone, Oy Vey.

So, I’m back to using the drinking water we buy to water my plants, sorry babe…At least until the Lord dumps some rain on us.  Then I’ll have 10 buckets sitting out in the driveway waiting to be filled with water for my poor potted plants.


The Blue Moon Thinker  🙂