Writing Groups Part Deux…

I am learning a lot from my excursions out into the writing world. 🙂

First, every Writing Group offers something different.

For instance, our group, Scribes Oasis, is more of a supportive writing environment.  Emphasis on the writing part.  Our group offers an enjoyable and helpful place where we can write without kiddos, spouses, or unfolded laundry or dirty dishes calling to us from the other room. Coupled with fun writing themed extra days spent socializing and hanging out. We also critique each others work if anyone needs help.  😀

Other groups, like the one I visited last night, offer more of a strictly critique type environment.  Members can bring their stories to be critiqued by the group via email and in person through their writing process.  They also hang out and socialize at various times during the month.

I think my biggest take away from last night is to keep looking for opportunities to meet new writers and learn new things.

Hopefully I will meet a children’s writer or illustrator or another poet soon. 😀

….There sure a lot of Memoir writers, Adult fiction writers, Romance writers, and Non-fiction writers around my area. Lol 🙂

Well, I’m off to finish my people’s supper…again.  A writers work is Always interrupted.  😉


The Bluemoon Thinker   🙂

P.S.-  Actually, there’s no P.S. this time, just wanted to type the letters P.S. a bunch. Lol

Happy Creating! 😀



Writing Group Gatherings…

I’m on the hunt for Writing Groups. 🙂

I decided to see if I can find various writing groups/functions that meet in my area and check them out.

I figure what better way to find out more information about Writing and Authors and Illustrators than to go out and be among them all. 😀

So, I’ve been looking for Groups and Functions that are free and not Too far away.  Not an easy task.  You’d think with the internet at my fingertips I wouldn’t have too much of a problem, but it’s actually been fairly difficult to find anything. 😮

I found a Writing Group that gathers at a local library 2x a month, so tonight I’m off to see what there is to see.  I’m sure it will be interesting.  I will update ya on how it went tomorrow. 🙂

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!  Where did the time fly to??  I guess I better skedaddle.  I still need to finish supper for the Randomkiddos and pack my stuff to go. 😮 😮

Have an Awesome Sauce rest of your day. 😀


The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.-  Are there a lot of Writer type activities in your area?  If so, how did you find out about them?  Please leave a line or 4 in the comments below as per usual. 🙂

Happy Huntin’ 😀

A Quick Note on Cafés…

My Randomkids started a Writers Group that get together every Friday morning. They’ve been trying to find a good place to go and it feels almost impossible! They would like to have a few places that they can get together and then kind of rotate through them. But so far we’ve only found one café and of course our house.

We tried a new café today and it was an ugly disaster! There are about 5-6 teens so far that are a part of the group so finding a place where they can all sit together can be a bit frustrating.

When we arrived, they all decided to sit outside because it was such a gorgeous day out aaaand the inside of the café was quite warm. I’m not sure if people think that a group of teens meeting in one area Always ends in shenanigans or what, but EVERYONE was giving them the Eeevil Eye! 😮

What the heck?! The kids were like, why is everyone constantly glaring at us?
I was there too and saw what they were saying. It was weird.

They were the most benign looking flock of teens I’d ever seen. Sitting at laptops and notebooks pencils in hand, quietly bantering back and forth or shooting ideas out or asking for help with a writing corner they had written themselves into.

I couldn’t figure out what everyone’s prob was, but it was quite irritating and Extremely frustrating. The teens all felt awkward and uncomfortable so the guys scratched that place off the list of potentials. 😦

They decided to go back to the first café they hung out at which has a Waaaaay better atmosphere and seating arrangement… both outside and inside. Lol

They’ll try another café in a few weeks when their lackluster experience is erased from their mind. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Do you hang out at cafés or coffee shops to write? Are we the only peeps out there that have these ishes? Leave a line or 2 as per usual in the box below.
Happy Café Hunting!! 😀

Grrrammar & Eww-Edits…

Tonight is my weekly Writers get together Scribe’s Oasis. I have a Ton to work on. 😀

I am still working on finishing the last chapter of the story I was working on….sooooo close, but I just can’t seem to sum it up to my liking. Grrrrr

Aaaaand as I sit here working on Grammar with my Randomkid youngest I am Really thinking about my Ross book sitting on my living room table waiting to be edited. I Absolutely Have to finish the final edits on this book! I NEEEED to get it to my next beta readers. I think I am purposely avoiding because I’m scared to put it in the hands of more people. Eeeek! What if they don’t like it??? Aaargh!! What if they say I am The K-Rappiest Writer in the World! What if they offer to burn it in their fire pit for me because we can’t have campfires where we live now?? Aaaaaaaack!!!

Okay, Wow! Really? Campfires?? …Fer Reals, In the words of a wonderful friend…Stop borrowing trouble!! 😀 Lols

So no more avoidance behavior! In the infamous words of Mater the tow truck. Git er done! Lol
So, after Grammar, I am off to finish my Ross edits….I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….
Yes, I often randomly quote children’s cartoon and book characters. 😀

The Bluemoon Thinker 🙂

P.S.- Grammar and Editing….You either Like it or Hate it…and there are some who actually Love it….You know who you are. 😉
Which camp do you reside in? The Like, Hate, or Loooove? Lol
Happy Edits!! 😀

Create a Story…

Craft a Story

I am part of a wonderful writing group that meets every Thursday evening.
I love getting together with them all. Each of us has a different writing interest and that’s part of what makes it so much fun. Even with our extremely diverse pursuits, we encourage each other in our writing.
Having a day that’s set aside on the calendar just for writing is Totally Awesome!! I get most of my writing done at our meetings. 🙂
We meet at different locations… also fun. Aaand for some reason, meeting at different locations helps me come up with new ideas for my stories. 😀
So, three cheers for writing and three rockin’ cheers for Writers Group and the Ladeez.
How do you stir up your writing juices?

Blue Moon Thinker 🙂