Pumpkin disguised as a Watermelon?

Look what I found hiding amongst our local Farmer's Market's selection of watermelon.  It's a pumpkin pretending to be a watermelon or maybe it's a watermelon pretending to be a pumpkin?  Not sure, but it sat straight and pretty in my fridge.  It's viney remnants made for a perfect handle to pop open the top … Continue reading Pumpkin disguised as a Watermelon?

What’s on Your Plate??

It's time for another installment of… What's - On - Your - Plate??? Here's this week's selection… We were low on food for me this week so I had one of my all time fave fall backs the Surprise in the Pan. This time I cooked up some bacon and cut it into bite sized … Continue reading What’s on Your Plate??

What’s on Your Plate?

It's time for another round of What's on Your Plate? I know, I know, I've been doing alot of these lately.  But I'm on a Foodie Show Binge and I keep wanting to taste new things....So Voila!  Here is What's on MY Plate... Roasted Garlic........... Oh-My-Gooodnessss!!!! Can I just say that if I could, I … Continue reading What’s on Your Plate?